Dream Came True for Win A Day Casino Jackpot Hitter Mary J.

Lucky Player Wins at Win A Day Casino

A certain Mary J. has hit the jackpot playing Win A Day’s online casino game, Busted slot.

UK gambling news report that Mary J. hit the jackpot at Win A Day which resulted in a great prize of $101,082. The woman has been a regular client of the online gambling destination for three years but has never been this lucky until now, as playing made her rich eventually.

However, Mary is not the only person who has won huge amounts of money by hitting the jackpot at a Win A Day slot game this year. A young mother won $205,200 in January by playing Chinatown slot. Her dream was to see the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

The lucky winner already knows how she is going to spend her money

Mary J. says she already has a plan on what to do with the money. She stated that first of all she will need to pay off her bills and then she will want to make some of her personal dreams come true. The lucky winner’s main goal is to go on a road trip in the United States of America.

The lady also talked about her favourite Win A Day Casino games. Online gambling sites in UK report what she said about the variety of opportunities within the internet gaming destination. “My all-time favourite game at Win A Day is actually Leprechaun Luck, and then probably Grand Liberty – it’s just so American!” she said.

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