Dutch State Secretary Backs Online Gambling License

Gambling licence in the Netherlands

Klaas Dijkhoff, the new State Secretary commits himself to expand online gambling regulation. He plans to help online gaming to compete with illegal operators.

The State Secretary for Security and Justice inducted in March said that he will push to continue licensing internet gambling in the Netherlands during his tenure. Dijkhoff’s appointment came after Fred Teeven was forced out from his office.

It was Teeven who coordinated the formation of the Dutch online gaming bill, but he had to leave his role after the accusation appeared about him misinforming the parliament over a payment that was made in compensation to a criminal found guilty in drug trafficking in 2001.

Different tax rates to help online gambling

Dijkhoff stated to the Dutch media after his assignment that he not just planned to expand the regulations further but he expected a major increase in the revenues generated by Dutch online gambling. He also mentioned in an editorial appeared on social media site LinkedIn, that online casinos and betting sites will be able to receive a five-year permit after legalization. He said that only recognized land-based lotteries will be handed online lottery licences.

According to suggested Dutch gambling laws the legislation won’t set a limit on the number of licenses provided in the Netherlands. The State Secretary also added that he planned to initiate various tax rates for online and land-based gambling. Though the many complaints about the proposal, Dijkhoff aims to tax online gaming at 20% while land-based gambling at 30%. The purpose of the distinction is to help the licensed online operators to compete with illegal gambling sites. 

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