Early Fifa 20 Rating Predictions: Messi and Ronaldo Will Remain The Best Players

  • Messi and Ronaldo are still the two most dangerous forwards in the planet
  • Neymar could face a downgrade after his below-average season
  • Eden Hazard is expected to get the 3rd highest rating in the game
Fifa 20 Rating Predictions
Our Fifa 20 Rating Predictions show that Ronaldo is still on the top alongside Messi

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are expected to remain the best players in FIFA. However, there could be serious changes in the 3rd place as Neymar could get a downgrade this year. Who will be the best of the rest? Find out from our early FIFA 20 rating predictions.

Though the new FIFA-game is only going to be released this autumn, we’re already buzzing about the new ratings. We know, the season hasn’t even ended yet, but we’ve seen most of it. That could be enough to make guesses. Therefore, we’ve looked at some of the data we’ve got about some previous ratings and the statistics of certain players, and made our FIFA 20 rating predictions.

Our FIFA 20 rating predictions show that Messi and Ronaldo will rule the game

FIFA 20 Rating Predictions
Neymar is expected to get a downgrade this year

Though Luka Modric has received the Ballon d’Or award this January, it’s almost 100% sure that Messi and Ronaldo are going to be the best players in Fifa 20. However, the last few months of the season could be decisive about their exact ratings. Online sportsbook sites in the UK argue that Messi has a much bigger chance to become the top scorer in the Champions League. Unibet Sportsbook also believes that Barcelona are the favorites to win the UCL this season, right ahead of Juventus. You can agree or disagree with that, but that’s what they’ve calculated. Make a bet here and let’s see if you were right at the end of the season.

The point is that we still don’t know which one of them will be the one to lift that trophy. Should that be a decisive factor though? We don’t think so. Ronaldo and Messi both had a 94 rating last year, and we believe that’s perfectly reasonable. They’re the two best players in the world, and it’s almost impossible to choose either of them objectively. It’s arguably much harder to predict the best of the rest anyway.

Fifa 20 Rating Predictions: The best players in FIFA 20

Lionel Messi 94
Cristiano Ronaldo 94
Eden Hazard 92
Luka Modric 91
Neymar 91

It would be nice to see EA to jump off the Neymar-bandwagon

We’ve talked about the best players of Italy and Spain, but what about the best one in the England? Well, if everything goes the way we expect, Eden Hazard is going to be the best of the rest this season. Unibet Sportsbook still argues that Chelsea are expected to finish in the top 4 this season, and EA must give credit to Eden Hazard for that.

The Belgian forward has been carrying Chelsea’s half-dead body back to the Champions League by himself. He scored 16 goals for the Blues with his xG being only 11.6. Thus, he could become the top scorer in the league this year. We also believe that Luka Modric could get his 91 rating again after his Ballon D’Or award. However, we’ve got some controversial news for you: Neymar could get a downgrade.

As Eric Cantona King Eric said, Neymar is “just like the barbecue, you take it out in the spring when the sun begins to shine”. There are many interpretations to what he’s been thinking about. The most popular one is that the Brazilian can only deliver when his team is already winning. We’ve never seen Neymar to step up and be the leader or simply the one to make a difference on the pitch. That’s what made Messi and Ronaldo so exceptional – and that’s what Hazard has been doing this season.

Therefore, we believe that it would be rather awkward for EA to give Neymar a 92 rating again. He was injured a lot, which doesn’t help his situation. Usually, EA gives downgrades to players who haven’t played much, and we can’t see why Neymar would be an exception.  91 is the maximum he can get.

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