Easy Bar Bets To Impress Your Friends And Win Money


Posted: April 9, 2024

Updated: April 9, 2024

Everyone loves a trick. So if you're hanging with your mates in the bar and want to up the ante, then try out these simple bar tricks. In truth, in some ways they are a bit cheeky and could get you a slap. But we think it'll be worth while. Especially as you'll be winning free drinks.

It’s about time we discussed some more ways to earn a bit of cash from your pals, and these four proposition bets are some of our personal favorites. As always, remember that easy bar bets, proposition bets, and betchas are all about fun and should be approached with a sense of humor and awareness. It’s essential to emphasize that your friends will regain anything they might lose once they’re clued in on the trick. As with all modes of betting, especially at online casinos like King Billy Casino, use responsible gambling rules to make sure they only wager what they can comfortably afford to lose.

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Easy Bar Bets – Which Is Taller?

Okay, here’s how it goes down: you’ll need a pint glass, a stack of drink coasters (those bar mats), a napkin, and a bit of charm. You can set up shop at the bar where the coasters are handy, or just grab a bunch and take them to your table. Now, you start by posing a question to someone: do they think the circumference of the pint glass’s mouth is greater, or is it the height of the glass itself? Most folks might instinctively opt for the height, but there’s room for some clever reasoning here. To spice things up, you slip a few coasters under the glass to boost its height. With this added elevation, people are more likely to bet on the height.

But here’s the kicker: you keep stacking more coasters until it’s crystal clear that the combined height is way beyond the mouth’s circumference. Throughout this setup, it’s your job to coax people into making bets. You might even throw in a little jab about how people shy away from a sure thing, even for a small wager like a drink’s cost. To sweeten the deal, you offer 2/1 odds for anyone betting on the height. It all seems to make sense, right?

Now, here’s where the real hustle kicks in. With the napkin, you measure the height of the glass atop the coasters. Then, you move the glass to the bar and measure its circumference. As long as you’ve pre-checked how many coasters you can safely add underneath, the circumference will always dwarf the height, even when factoring in the coasters. According to online gambling news in the UK, this trick also works with tall, slender glasses, though you’ll need to gauge your coaster stacking carefully. We suggest that it’s always best to double-check beforehand, just to be on the safe side.

The Famous Travelling Olive

Here’s a classic trick and one of the most well-known easy bar bets that’s as old as it is sneaky, and is perfect for pulling one over on those who aren’t in on the secret. All you need is a little black thread and some tape, easily tucked into your pocket before heading out to the bar, pub, or a friend’s place.

easy bar bets
Picture Source: Flickr

Personally, we like to loop some thread around a credit card, sticking the tape to the card for easy access. Now, the trick: discreetly attach the thread to the bottom of a beer mat and swap it onto the table. As long as the surface is dark, the thread stays hidden. If it’s a lighter surface, position the coaster near the edge of the table so the thread hangs over, ready to be grabbed later.

Now, onto the betcha. Even if folks are onto this one or can figure it out, it’s still a blast. The challenge? Move an olive from one coaster to another, with the coasters a good distance apart, and without touching the olive with their hands. Their only tool? A brandy glass, which they can flip over (end for end) just once. Here’s the trick: place the glass upside-down over the olive on the coaster, then start making circles with the glass. The faster circular motion propels the olive up into the glass, where it spins around inside. With the spinning action going, move the glass – still in circles – to the other coaster. The olive drops out once it’s made the journey.

But what about that thread? Whether your mark already knows the bet or you’re introducing them to it, the thread adds another layer of mischief. As they get close to moving the olive to the second coaster, gently tug the thread to pull the coaster away! Their surprise will likely throw off their spinning, causing the olive to slip or even fly out. No need to hide the thread; reveal your trickery and bask in the glory (and maybe a few free drinks).

Easy Bar Bets – Seven And Three

Here’s one of the most straightforward yet sneaky easy bar bets that have landed us quite a few free meals. When you’re at a diner or restaurant, ask for three shot glasses and some change – a dollar, pound, or whatever currency you’re using – so you have ten identical coins. Then, present your challenge: your victims must distribute all ten coins among the three glasses, ensuring that each glass holds an odd number of coins.

easy bar bets
Picture Source: Flickr

If they manage it, you’ll treat them to dinner; if not, they’re picking up your tab. Now, the trick: pre-arrange the coins. Place three coins in two of the glasses and four in the third. Then, stack one of the shot glasses containing three coins inside the one with four. Voilà! You’ve got two glasses with three coins each and one with seven, totaling ten coins. It’s simple but effective – just be prepared for some grumbles from your challengers and the possibility of losing a tooth.

The Maddening Hat Trick

Here’s another one of those hilarious yet easy bar bets that’s sure to get some laughs, but watch out for the occasional playful smack or jab. Start by covering a filled shot glass with your hat, then grab a straw and confidently declare that you can drink from the glass without laying a finger on the hat. Give your unsuspecting friends a moment to ponder their options, then once the bet is agreed upon, casually lean under the table with the straw and simulate drinking noises.

When you sit back up, place the straw on the table with a triumphant “done!” Then, all you have to do is wait for someone to lift the hat to prove you wrong. But as soon as they do, seize the opportunity to pick up the glass and take a sip! True to your word, you never had to touch the hat at all. Yes, even here at Gamingzion.com, we’ll be the first to admit that this is a bit sad. But hell, who wants to pass up the chance of a free drink?

Easy Bar Bets At Online Casinos

Betting at some of the top online casino sites in the UK is a very different experience from sitting with your friends in a bar. However, it’s still possible to have a great time. Many online casinos like King Billy Casino offer their players immersive live dealer online games. This offers exactly the same ambiance as if you were seated in a lively casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Though there are no easy bar bets, there are plenty of other equally fun games to enjoy. 

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