Huge Potential of US Mobile Gambling Market

US mobile gambling market

The US mobile gambling market and its potential was the center of discussion at the 20th annual East Coast Gaming Congress.

The industry’s longest-running conference, the annual Est Coast Gaming Congress, celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. The Congress’ agenda focused on land-based casino issues and internet gambling in the US. According to US gambling news, the participants underlined the growth potential of the online, more specifically the mobile gambling industry in the US. The mobile market’s potential is forecasted to grow even bigger, as more and more people are familiar with smartphones.

A really important message from the Congress’ is that the online gambling market does not cannibalize land-based casinos. Quite the contrary, casinos with online equivalents have seen a raise in the number of customers. “We’re seeing huge growth in mobile phone and tablet play,” said Luisa Woods, executive director of Internet marketing for Tropicana Casino, Atlantic City. Furthermore, she emphasized the huge “cross-flows between players who visit the casino and then go home and continue to play online.”

The potentials of mobile gambling in the US

Other participants highlighted that currently only a fraction of the mobile market’s potential is utilized. Also, it appears that internet gambling in the US is surrounded by great confusion on the customer’s side. “They don’t know if it’s legal, if it’s illegal, if it’s good, if it’s bad. We need to educate people,” said Itai Pazner, senior vice president of 888 holdings.

“Is that legal in New Jersey? A lot of people are confused.”

He suggested that gambling companies spend more time with marketing, to inform the target audiences about online gambling in the US. Another major obstacle is that only three states legalized and regulated internet casinos until now. Furthermore, the prize pool of the games appears to be small in comparison to other countries around the world.

East Coast gaming congress

East Coast Gaming Congress, 2014 edition (Photo: gotgame)

“The markets are still relatively small,” pointed out Pazner. “The U.S. needs more states [to allow for Internet gambling] and we need them urgently,” he added. Another state that would’ve legalized online gambling, Pennsylvania, just dropped its internet gambling bill. Unfortunately, without regulated gambling, consumers are turning towards unlicensed offshore sites. However, for such gambling activities consumer protection is not provided.

“There is huge potential growth on both sides of the ocean.”

According to George Rover, deputy director of New Jersey’s Division of Gambling Enforcement, New Jersey legislators are already discussing potential measures against offshore sites. Such regulations would fortify consumer trust in the integrity of online gambling sites.

The future of Daily Fantasy Sports in the US

Discussion of the future of Daily Fantasy Sports was also inevitable at this year’s Congress. Atlantic City is estimated to be the biggest potential market for the games. Most of the participants are said to be millennials, who gather at casino bars to watch the games. Therefore, casinos should capitalize on the daily fantasy sports market. “I think the future of casinos and racetracks are these kinds of games,” said Dennis Drazin, show adviser at Monmouth Park Racetracks.

On top of skill-based gaming, daily fantasy sports could be the saving grace of casinos. “They like fantasy; it’s more communal. They can watch with their friends and point out that they are winning,” said Adam Steinberg, senior vice president of Spectrum Gaming Capital.

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