Ed Davey or Layla Moran to be Elected As Per New Lib Dem Leader Odds

  • Ed Davey is considered as a safe and short-term choice
  • Many see Layla Moran as a better option
New Lib Dem Leader Odds
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The Lib Dems are beginning their search to find a new leader after Jo Swinson had to step down. Two names have appeared on top of the new Lib Dem leader odds, including Sir Ed Davey and Layla Moran.

After just five months of becoming a leader, Jo Swinson failed to retain her seat in the Parliament, which is a major blow to the party in the 2019 general election. She lost her East Dunbartonshire seat to SNP’s Amy Callaghan by 149 votes. Under the party’s constitution, the leader must be an MP, which means Ms. Swinson had to resign.

Online sportsbook news in the UK has reported that the former deputy leader Sir Ed Davey and Baroness Sal Binton became the Liberal Democrats’ joint acting leaders. They will steer the ship until a new leadership election takes place sometime in the spring or summer next year. Any of the 11 current MPs can enter the race, but the new Lib Dem leader odds suggest Ed Davey or Layla Moran will likely be elected. 

Ed Davey considered a safe and short-term choice

Ms. Swinson’s former deputy Sir Ed Davey is seen by some Lib Dems as a safe and short-term choice. He is also the favorite by online sportsbooks in the UK to replace Swinson permanently. His new Lib Dem leader odds value is 83/100 at 22BET Sportsbook. Sir Davey has been MP since 1997, and he aims to take over the party by focusing on the green revolution. However, he already lost once early this year. So, it is unclear how he will turn things around this time.

Many see Layla Moran as a better option

Layla Moran the MP for Oxford West and Abingdon retained her seat with a notably increased majority. She is only 37 years old, two years younger than Swinson. However, many see her as a rising star in the party and she is now its education spokesperson. Although she did not decide to stand yet, a lot of Lib Dems consider her as the frontrunner. Her odds value 81/50 at 22BET Sportbook to become the new Lib Dem leader.

New Lib Dem Leader Odds
Layla Moran – Image source: Flickr

Other potential candidates

Among other candidates expected to throw their hats in the ring is the brand new MP, Daisy Cooper. She has taken St Albans from Conservatives a few days ago. However, she has not ruled out putting her name forward for the leadership. Her move comes after the Lib Dems grassroots expressed their admiration to the MP. New Lib Dem odds indicate Cooper stands at 4/1 to win.

Other contenders are Christine Jardine (14/1) the MP for the Edinburgh West constituency, Wera Hobhouse (20/1) the MP for Bath since 2015. To see all Lib Dem leader odds check out our review about 22BET Sportbook.

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