Vasaloppet 2020 Odds Suggest Tore Bjorseth Berdal Might Win Again

  • Berdal had an impressive run in 2019
  • Hoelgaard and Nygaard are expected to pose a great threat to Berdal
Vasaloppet 2020 Odds
Image source: Vasaloppet/Nisse Schmidt / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

Sweden’s best known long-distance race Vasaloppet is on the horizon. It takes place every year on March 01. The 2019 Norwegian champion Tore Bjorseth Berdal will be back in 2020 to defend his title. Thus, Vasaloppet 2020 odds suggest he might well win again.

The world’s oldest and largest ski competition Vasaloppet stretches through 90 kilometers. It runs in classic style on the route from Salen to Mora in the province of Dalarna Central Sweden. The five-hour race is not only hard and crazy but also a very beautiful one crossing through the magical landscape of the Swedish forest. As online gambling sites in Sweden claim in their Vasaloppet 2020 odds, the 2019 champion Tore Bjorseth Berdal might well retain his title.

Berdal had an impressive run in 2019

Tore Bjorseth Berdal was among 13 Norwegians who dominated their neighbors. He was the fastest skier claiming victory in 2019 Vasaloppet. Berdal has been skiing for Team Koteng, the world’s best long-distance team. 2019 was an impressive run for Berdal as he recently finished fourth at Klaralvosloppet Sweden’s long roller ski race.

The 31-year-old from Trondelag intends to repeat his win this winter. Thus, his Vasaloppet 2020 odds value is 10.00 at Unibet Sportsbook. He is a tough and very talented guy. That is why he might be a safe choice when betting on Vasaloppet 2020. However, few other Norwegian skiers might well pose a threat.

Hoelgaard and Nygaard among top title challengers

As online sportsbook news sites in Sweden have reported, Stian Hoelgaard and Andreas Nygaard are among the top Norwegians to pose a threat to Berdal. Hoelgaard has sprinted to second place in 2019, 11 seconds behind Berdal. It was not his first finish on the podium, rather it was the fourth in a row. Before reaching the top level at Vasaloppet, the 28-year-old won the overall Ski Classics Youth competition several times. It is likely that this is the perfect time for Hoelgaard to consider winning Vasalopet once and for all with a value of 9.00 odds at the Unibet Sportsbook.

The other top Norwegian skier expected to lead the race is Andreas Nygaard. He already won Vasaloppet in 2018 and finished second in 2017. Many consider Nygaard as one of the hardest men to beat on the race. Thus, he sits as the favorite to win the 2020 Vasaloppet with 3.75 odds.

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