EPT Deauville Enters Day 4 With the Bubble Already Burst

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The bubble has burst at the EPT Deauville during day 3, when Stephen Chidwick left the tournament moneyless.

The prestigious poker tournament running under French gambling laws, EPT Deauville has burst the bubble during day 3, on January 29th. When the play resumed on day 3, most of the players were concerned with staying within the bubble, and it took just a couple of hours before survivors were ready to jump into the money.

In line with the usual practices, the tournament’s staff have knocked back the clock and started the hand-for-hand play. Everyone at the beautiful French poker room at Casino Barrière was waiting for the bubble to break.

Well, they didn’t have to wait long: when Stephen Chidwick saw his pocket kings, he went in for the big move. Chidwick went all in and waited patiently for his table neighbors to decide between playing it safe or seize the day.

It was Tobias Wagner who took the bait with AK. Wagner needed a bit of luck and it came right there on the flop with 6A9, the 5 on the turn, and the 6 on the river, didn’t help Chidwick and sent him packing, while the remaining players congratulated each other on making it into the money.

What’s next at EPT Deauville

All in all 671 players have bought in for the tournament, some qualifying through various satellites held at online poker sites in France as well. After the bubble has burst, 95 players remained, warmed by the knowledge that they have already made at least EUR 9,500 each.

And this is where the real action commenced. Now that everyone was a bit calmer there were all-ins after all-ins and an array of exists, until the day 3 stopped at level 19 with 41 players remaining.

Ekrem Sanioglu, a French amateur player, went as the chip leader into day 4. However, he’s followed closely by the likes of Eugene Katchalov, Norbert Szecsi, and Sotirios Koutoupas.

The final day of the EPT Deauville is scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 1st.

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