The Most Popular Esport Games in Denmark

  • Many young people in Denmark are addicted to games
  • Discussion about the recognition of eSports as a sport have not ceased
Esport games in Denmark
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Many young people are addicted to games. According to statistics, we think that 96% of all Danish boys play at least twice a week. They are in rooms behind closed doors. Moreover, their parents do not know where their children are and what they do. We believe that the Danish government has made the right decision. According to online sportsbook sites in Denmark Esport games in Denmark are gradually gaining recognition along with regular sports.

Many years the specialists are arguing about whether it is right to recognize eSports as a sport or not. One of the main cards of the world of pro-gaming is a large number of disciplines and tournaments that allow the participants to become rich people. In the past two years of the World Championship, the prize reached five million dollars.

Esport in Denmark

In the late 1990s in Europe computer games began to be studied as games. In 1999, specialists opened a scientific and educational center- Center for Computer Games Research in Denmark. Even then people could predict that Esport games in Denmark would have great success. As we know, in 2001, the first peer-reviewed scientific journal, Game Studies, was released. The magazine’s editorial staff included specialists from Finland, Sweden, the UK, and the USA.

Esport games in Denmark
Esport arena – Image via Flickr

Nowadays, Esport games are the favorites on online sportsbook sites in Denmark. The players trained for many years to get what they have now. And on their way, they probably had to convince themselves and those around them more than once that they were not wasting time. Online sportsbooks as 22Bet sportsbooks give opportunities to earn money not only players but also people who love to make odds.  These sites are very popular in Denmark now. And we hope those days are over because these people are already sportsmen. They are sportsmen, who follow their dreams.

Danish Ministry of Culture intends to develop Esport games in Denmark

Esports continues to slowly but surely capture the minds of not only ordinary citizens but also politicians in Denmark. So, the Ministry of Culture of Denmark recently announced that he is interested in the development of virtual competitions within its country. According to online sportsbook news in Denmark, the initiative sponsored Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen. He has been actively supporting esports for some time. For example, recently he opened the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament as part of the BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen.

Especially eSports games are team games, but there are also solo ones.

Prizes in tournaments are constantly growing. Moreover, the championships are becoming more and more beautiful. Analysts of 22bet sportsbooks predict that in the next 5 years, esports will overtake football due to the enthusiasm of the audience.

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