Esports Betting Risks And Rewards – How To Bet Effectively?


Posted: November 6, 2023

Updated: November 6, 2023

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  • Esports betting risks and rewards

New to esports betting? We are going to introduce you to the most important esports betting risks and rewards. Therefore, we will cover the bright and shady side of the esports industry. Learn how to rise above the bookies, and find the odds that are going to serve you in both live betting and before the match. You can also learn to avoid bad decisions here!

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Today we are going to talk about some of the esports betting risks and rewards. These are things that may change your perception of betting on esports. As a foreword, I would like to highlight that roughly 15 years ago professional video games were frowned upon. Let alone people risking money on it. However, today everything has changed thanks to the joint effort of StarCraft, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Valorant, and Rocket League.

Nowadays, we can bet on any little video game, even on the phone as long as it is competitive and we can not consistently figure out the winners of all matches. Register at the online sportsbook sites in the US to be able to wager on your favorite competitive online video games today! From the Red Bull Wololo to the Crash Bandicoot speedrunners, you can find anything!

Introduction To The Esports Betting Risks And Rewards

First, let’s start by reading the difference between betting on esports and traditional sports. However, if you are already accustomed to these, then you can continue reading. Generally, we believe that esports has brought various updates to the world of sports betting. First, bookies have learned that we can bet on anything. Second, it opened a market that people of different demographics can easily get into. Are you an old-head who loves Warcraft 3? Well, there are tournaments every single month.

Maybe you like Valorant-type shooters? We got you. One of the greatest rewards in esports is generally the feeling of being a part of the community. Of course, the risk comes with the fact that we can not truly predict who is going to win in such a huge data set. We have geniuses like Faker, but even they lose sometimes. Register at BC.Game Sportsbook.

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Data Is Fully Available

Another positive thing among the esports betting risks and rewards is the available data. According to Gol. gg, you can see every single match from professional esports players. Different platforms even collect the shared stats from professional, competitive, casual, and semi-casual games. This way, we can collect every single data block, and even use A.I. to analyze each player and team.

We can see the frequency of their movements on the map, the timing of their shots, the in-game objectives, and the currencies they earn. In conclusion, it is truly one of the most researchable topics. And if you do your research? You may find props among the betting markets the bookies failed to notice and win easily. How many towers do they take with one character? How often do they score headshots? Which site are planting on? These things can win you a bet.

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The Meta–Esports Betting Risks And Rewards

This can be a double-edged blade when we are debating the topic. The Meta is something traditional sports lack. Meta is a set of strategies or assets for players to pick. Whoever receives the current meta-picks, will have an increased chance of winning. Professional esports players often take a risk with these. However, it is also not a guaranteed win.

Basically, in my perception of the industry, the meta and the ‘banning stage’ make some esports feel like a game of roulette. However, there are games with restricted-meta, like Counter-Strike where people can pick the best weapons and it’s all about shooting and skill. Check out our list of some of the best esports for betting in 2024 to understand which betting style fits you the most. If you are better at the meta than the bookies, once more, you have ways to win in live betting!

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Esports Is Colorful And Full Of Bias

Okay, so this is one of the worst sides of the esports betting risks and rewards. The Esports team’s logos and players are amazing! Of course, the NFL suffers from these biases as well. Whenever we see the cool logo of Dignitas, we believe they will win the Worlds. But only after a few seasons will we realize that they are probably going to end up in the last three placements in all tournaments, and they do not pull weight as a professional esports team. Furthermore, winning once can trigger confirmation bias.

According to The Decision Lab, confirmation bias is the human tendency to give more attention to the things we have experience with. I used to be a TSM fan as a kid, but nowadays? They ceased to exist as a team. And I would not bet on them to win the Worlds, even if I wanted to.

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Teams Often Don’t Care – Esports Betting Risks And Rewards

This is probably one of the worst parts of esports. Teams often decide that winning is no longer available for them. Often they will not take some events seriously. Furthermore, they can feel exhausted, out of it, and simply want to leave. We have heard countless interviews from pro-players who have revealed years after an event that the team didn’t even want to win, and just wanted to go home as fast as possible.

According to the Dot Esports, Liquid, one of the most prestigious esports teams has decided to quit raiding after the Sylvanas mythic world-first run in World of Warcraft. They said that it has led to massive exhaustion and burnout. This happens in all industries, but when do we bet on them? That’s not preferable.

How to win esports bets easily?

Where To Bet On Esports?

These were the most important esports betting risks and rewards. There are countless reasons why you should bet on esports. For example, it is one of the industries that fully ignores some restrictions. This is why we can see a thriving result in gender identity in esports. Furthermore, the community is just giving us a space where we are no longer bound to physical excellence, and we can appreciate the strategist thinkers.

For a long time, chess was the only mental gymnastics that people could bet on. But now we are full of interesting strategies for different games. And the future is going to elevate these sports with the upcoming new VR technologies. If you are interested in wagering on your first esports then register at BC.Game Sportsbook.

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