ESSA`s Report Highlights Suspicious Tennis Betting Activities

European Sports Security Association, tennis net

The sports betting integrity organization released their report unveiling tennis as the sport with the most suspicious betting activities in the first quarter of 2015.

After serious investigations, the organization recognized 49 uncertain patterns and 24 of these were labeled as `suspicious`. Furthermore, the integrity report exposes that in Q1 tennis connected betting activities showed the most irregularities, with 27 alerts from which 17 were suspicious. According to gambling news, all these possibly dangerous acts were passed on to official sporting establishments for further inquiries.

From all sports, only football came close to these numbers, with 13 alerts. Out of these 10 was categorized as unusual and only 3 as serious. Suspicious doings were also experienced in snooker, table tennis and ice hockey. In bowls, greyhounds and boxing there were only unusual activities.

ESSA continues the fight against corruption

ESSA is determined to prevent all further corruption and monetary damage to sports. They examine any prospect, if they have legitimate reasons, justifiable by EU gambling laws. “Fundamentally, betting-related match-fixing is an attempt to defraud betting operators and their customers by corrupting sporting events,” said Mike O`Kane, chairman of ESSA.

A betting pattern is considered officially suspicious after enquiries are made by the ESSA. The organization has close ties with central organizations, such as the International Olympic Committee and the European Comission. With joined forces they are developing “processes that detect and deter corruption.”

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