EURO Qualifiers – Round 5 (Part 3)

European Qualifiers Round 5

Many great encounters are on the agenda for this weekend’s EURO qualifiers for 2016 France.

The final game on Friday will see Switzerland clash with Estonia at home in a game that will bear some uncertainty as both sides have shown that they are prone to blunder. The other matches will resume on Saturday with the first one being between Kazakhstan and Iceland, according to EU gambling news.

Iceland looking to overcome Kazakhstan away
Malta isn’t hopeful of a win against Azerbaijan
Croatia strong favorites against Norway

Later in the day sports enthusiasts will have a chance to watch the encounter involving Azerbaijan and Malta. This game should offer good betting opportunities to punters which will allow them to maximize their wagering efforts. Norway will travel to Croatia to play against current Group H leaders Croatia, a game that will prove very challenging for the visitors.

Switzerland vs Estonia and Kazakhstan vs Iceland

sit in 3rd position with 6 points overall from 4 outings. In their first two games they suffered losses by England and Slovenia, however afterwards they managed to pull themselves together to clinch two successive victories against San Marino and Lithuania. During their 4 matches they scored 8 goals and have let only 3 in, so they will be aiming to keep their record intact.


occupy 5th spot with only 4 points to their name. They won only 1 game, which was their first in the qualifiers, and they have also recorded 2 losses and 1 draw. Their goal difference is quite dire, as they only managed to score 1 goal in 4 matches, while conceding 2 in the process. Bet365 has given them odds of 13.00 (12/1), while the Swiss maintain preferential chances 1.18 (6/1). A draw for the game is also unlikely given that the odds for that event stand at 7.00 (6/1).

find themselves at the bottom of Group A claiming only a single point. So far they have lost 3 matches and tied once, which is why their chances for the upcoming game against Iceland are quite limited 6.00 (5/1). They lack considerable experience at the top level so they are not considered among the promising sides to challenge for the EURO next year, according to mobile betting sites.


18 months ago Iceland managed to assert themselves and made it to the play-offs against Croatia for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Unfortunately, they lost their chance to represent their nation at the biggest football event, however it showed that they had potential. That is reason why sit in 2nd place on the table now and have won 3 games and lost only 1. Their odds to beat Kazakhstan stand at 1.62 (5/8), while a tie has been set at 3.60 (13/5).

Azerbaijan vs Malta and Croatia vs Norway

will square off against Malta at home where they will try to instill their own philosophy and finally record a positive result. Up until now they lost all of their 4 encounters which saw them notch 2 goals and concede an incredible 11 from the opposition. Although their performances so far have been very disappointing, they are the favorites to win the match 1.62 (5/8), since they will be playing on their ground.


are located one place above their next opponents having secured just slightly better stats. Instead of 4 losses, they succumbed to defeat on 3 occasions while drawing once as well. They have let in fewer goals (7) by their opponents, but have also scored only 1 goal in 4 matches. Since they will be the visiting side against Azerbaijan, their odds stand at an unlikely 5.00 (4/1), with a tie between them being 4.00 (3/1).

will go head to head with Norway at home where they should be able to pull off a comfortable win. During the first three encounters they achieved 3 wins, but then they hit a stumbling block against Italy which saw them notch a draw. In their 4 games they scored an impressive 10 goals and have let in only 1, stats that are quite remarkable. Online sportsbooks in EU strongly favor them to win the clash against Norway 1.40 (2/5).


The Scandinavians are in third place of Group H, right behind Italy who are second. Their first match ended in a loss, however they were able to bounce back from defeat and clinch 3 successive wins. They scored 6 goals in the back of the oppositions’ net and have let in only 3, but despite their decent performances the odds for them winning are quite little 8.50 (15/2). Croatia most likely won’t slip up with odds for a draw being 4.33 (10/3).

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