Eurocrats Seeking EU-wide Sets of Gambling Laws

Posted: June 11, 2012

Updated: October 4, 2017

European Union bureaucrats, also known as Eurocrats, push for an EU-wide set of gambling laws.

As if there wasn’t enough of bureaucracy in Europe, the European Parliament members are pushing for a single set of gambling laws applicable to all 27 members states.

Some call this a ridiculous idea as casino and sports betting regulations differ widely among the states. For example, the British gambling laws are quite liberal and advanced, while those of Germany and Spain aren’t set and are still evolving.

This actually results in British internet casinos leadership in the industry. Yet, the Eurocrats want to make new laws. After all, somehow their salaries need to be justified.

Protection of customers is cited as one reason for EU-wide laws. The other is the funding for sports. Deregulation of sports betting, including online sportsbooks, worries some that in result the sports may get less funding – unless bookmakers start contributing.

The minority of MEPs who oppose such regulation state that there are internal market laws which allow for ”freedom of services,” meaning each individual country should decide. The whole thing is becoming similar to events taking place in America. Who should govern gambling laws: the states or the federal government?

It is the question of giving more power to Brussels versus having individual EU countries retain as much autonomy as possible. Given that European countries are vastly different (i.e., compare Greece to Sweden) and much more so than the individual American states, it may be a good idea for the Eurocrats to leave the gamblers alone.

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