Schleswig-Holstein May Change Again its New Gambling Laws

Schleswig-Holstein state authorities shock online casinos in Germany after seeking to reverse liberal gambling laws.

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Recently, the state of Schleswig-Holstein made the news among the German gamblers and German internet casinos as it set its own laws related to gambling rather than join the other German states in a federal gambling regulatory framework.

In effect, the casino licenses were issued quickly and it seemed Schleswig-Holstein will become a German gambling mecca, attracting wagers from all over this rich country. Yet, some horrendous news for the gambling operators just arrived as the state authorities are seeking to reverse the liberal gambling laws and, possibly, cancel existing licenses.

As the state government states, Schleswig-Holstein should join other states and impose unified German gambling laws to betting. The change in stance is due to the change in governing coalition.

Until the laws settle, issuing new casino licenses, including those for German poker rooms, may be suspended. At the same time, revoking the several licenses issued may not happen after all as the licensees could seek monetary indemnification.

Although the history of casinos in Germany goes back centuries, to this day the country doesn’t have a clear set of rules pertaining to remote wagering. Those operating online and mobile casinos in Germany still aren’t sure what the future will bring in terms of regulations related to their businesses.

Internet betting, while open for business for well over a decade is still a regulatory challenge worldwide as lawmakers are slow to move. Some of them don’t even know how to use a computer well. No wonder the laws just ain’t there.

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