EuroMillions Jackpot Prize Pays Off Over €88 Million in Ireland

Euro Millions Jackpot Winner

Some ever-pessimistic souls have once again been proved wrong as Irish National Lottery is ready to pay out the awesome EuroMillions jackpot prize to the lucky winner!

Online gambling news in Ireland are on fire due to the events of Tuesday night: a lucky player just became EuroMillions jackpot prize winner! The lucky winner must be pretty happy about the jackpot prize: it’s a staggering €88,5 million! Can you even imagine what you could buy on that money? Well, someone in Ireland must start thinking how to answer that question…

Where was the EuroMillions jackpot prize won?

It’s still unknown where exactly they have won the EuroMillions jacpot prize! All we can know for sure is that it happened in Ireland. Gambling news suspect that the jackpot winner lottery ticket can either come from the Cork, the Limerick or the Mayo area. A spokesperson for National Lottery has claimed that the winner hasn’t tried to contact them yet, so they are also clueless about where the winner lottery ticket has been purchased.

It’s not even the biggest lottery prize ever…

Whoever won the EuroMillion jackpot prize on Tuesday night, became the tenth EuroMillions lottery winner in Ireland. €88 million is huge amounts of money yet it’s only n the bottom of the podium of the biggest jackpot prizes ever won in Ireland. The second placed is a €94 million winner from 2013, while the number 1 lottery winner grew rich in 2005. A cleaning lady from Limerick called Dolores McNamara won €115 million, which is still the biggest jackpot prize ever won in Irish history.

Would you like to be the next EuroMillions jackpot prize winner?

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