Eurovision 2020 Best Special Bets for the Upcoming Grand Music Contest

  • Will the 6 pre-qualifiers bag the trophy in 2020, odds starting at 3.54
  • Odds for progressing from the semi-finals to a remarkable win at 1.25
Eurovision 2020 best special bets
Rotterdam: New Destination for Eurovision 2020 Image source: Rotterdam Ahoy [CC BY-SA 4.0 ] via Wikimedia Commons.

Eurovision is in session since 1956 which grows at a steep pace and is among the grand music competitions. The contest begets the rise of a new generation of musicians who can influence the world with their charismatic songs. To no one’s surprise, the competition requires unparallel talent; which makes the nature of the challenge highly competitive. Teams from all around Europe participate with the exception of Australia. Like most popular events, Eurovision has a high betting rate which makes it essential to include Eurovision 2020 best special bets in the mix.

Eurovision will begin in May of 2020 and will last a total of 5 days. However, the preparations on part of the countries have already begun. Musicians from the participating countries are qualifying on a national level to enter the contest. The big 5 countries, namely: The UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France pre-qualify automatically to the grand final with the addition of the host team. The Netherlands will be hosting this year at Rotterdam following the win of Duncan Lawrence with the song Arcade at Eurovision 2019.

Eurovision 2020 best special bets: Will the winning country be a semi-finalist?

Eurovision 2020 best special bets
All that heat at Eurovision 2019. Image source: “ZENA (Belarus 2019)” by Martin Fjellanger, Eurovision Norway, EuroVisionary

Apart from the 6 pre-qualifiers, the rest of the 35 countries will take part in one of the two semi-finals. In order to proceed, each semi-final will select 10 participants, making the final to a total of 26. Duncan Lawrence is a semi-finalist to have won Eurovision 2019.

The Eurovision 2020 best special bets include the category to wager on a semi-finalist to be the ultimate winner. Considering the history of Eurovision, only one country from the 6 pre-qualifiers has been able to win since 2000. Sweden, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Spain among the first countries to announce national finalists for the contest.

Online gambling sites in The Netherlands are hopeful for the glass microphone trophy to return home in 2020. The odds for whether the semi-finalist will be the winner this year are at 1.25, you can check out the odds at 1xbet. If you believe otherwise, there are betting options for a negative with odds at 3.54.

Eurovision 2020 best special bets: Will one of the big five win the final?

The latest achievement from the big 5 is the 2nd place position by Italy in Eurovision 2019. Mahmood with his eccentric song Soldi managed to score an impressive score of 472 points in total. Unfortunately for him, Lawerence overhauled him with 26 extra points from the viewer’s voting. A close call for the pre-qualifier country to win and become the first country in 8 years to win by participating in the finale.

Eurovision 2020 best special bets
Duncan Lawrence, performing at Eurovision 2019. Image source: “Duncan Laurence (The Netherlands 2019)” by Martin Fjellanger, Eurovision Norway, EuroVisionary

Noteworthy performances have been displayed previously by the big 5 which have been garnering praise even today. The odds reflect a statistical overview which needs to be taken under consideration when betting on the grand finalists. In the case of having faith in the aforementioned countries, odds in favor of a positive outcome are at 3.54. However, odds for the other 35 participating countries to bag the contest are at 1.25

Eurovision 2020 best special bets: Will Germany receive 0 points in total?

Germany’s last win the competition dates back to 2010 when the singer Lena Landrut won with the song ‘Satellite’. Online gambling news in the Netherlands is providing odds for whether Germany will receive 0 points in total or not. The bet origins from the event in the previous Eurovision where Germany was the only country to receive 0 points from the viewer voting. The girl band S!sters performance on song ‘Sister’ apparently did not gain appreciation among the audience.

In order to keep things fair, no country can vote for their own countries. Resultantly, no matter how famous an artist or a band is in their respective countries, they will not be able to progress unless it gains appreciation throughout Europe. 

Therefore the odds for this special bet are at 4.98 for an agreement with the titular question and 1.13 for a hard no.

You can check out more about the odds on 1xBet.

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