Hollaway Faces His Toughest Challenger –  Max Hollaway vs Alexander Volkanovski Bets


Posted: November 21, 2019

Updated: February 19, 2020

  • Volkanovski is so far unbeaten in UFC
  • Hollaway is going to defend his title for the fourth time

Now it’s official that Max Hollaway is going to put his title on the line against Alexander Volkanovski on 14, December in Las Vegas. Volkanovski is so far unbeaten in the UFC. Max Hollaway had his last defeat in 2013 against Connor McGreggor. Both fighters are very confident. Max Hollaway vs Alexander Volkanovski bets predicting a tight game.

Volkanovski: “The whole world will watch that night. I will steal the show and take that belt back to Australia.” Most of the online sportsbooks in the US predict that this game is going to be a tight one, for example, 1xbet gives 1.64 for Hollaway and 2.38 for Volkanovski.

Volkanovski can finally challenge titleholder Max Hollaway

Former AFC champion, Volkanovski debuted in UFC at Fight Night 201 with a TKO against Yusuke Kasuya. Since then he’s invincible in the league. If we count his victories from AFC he is at a winning streak of 17. While he became number 1 contender very quickly from unranked, he still felt the time going slowly waiting for this chance. 

Max Hollaway vs Alexander Volkanovski Bets – Tight chances

While online gambling sites in the US favorize the option that Hollaway is going to defend his title, we can see many opinions that Volkanovski is a terrible matchup for Hollaway. However, Volkanovski admits that Hollaway’s fighting style is very effective, he believes that it’s not going to work on him. “If he’s going to come at me like that, and he thinks he can grind me down and punch me and abstract me like that he’s gonna think again. Obviously, I am very powerful and if he’s gonna come at me alone he’s gonna see my punches are very hard.” 

Might be the end of Hollaway’s historical title holding

Hollaway is UFC featherweight champion since his third-round TKO against Jose Aldo in June 2017. Since then he defended his title three times which is an outstanding achievement. While Volkanovski insists to be the one who thrust him down from his throne, Hollaway welcomes the challenge as usual. “He’s the next cupcake on the list, and I can’t wait to taste the flavor” – he said. Will it be the end of Hollaway’s domination in the 145lbs league?

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