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Posted: April 6, 2023

Updated: April 6, 2023

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It’s time to talk about the Eurovision betting markets for 2023. We are going to introduce you to the two groups of semi-finalists. The winners of each group will proceed to the finals. This year we are going to go to the Eurovision Village to feel the authentic music festival mood. Furthermore, you can bet on a plethora of betting markets. This is not exclusive to the winner or the winner of each semi-final. You can bet on regional winners too.

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In this article, I am going to give you the best Eurovision betting markets for 2023. Therefore, this list shows the most relevant odds at the online sportsbook sites in Sweden. Make sure to place a bet before the semifinal begins. Because there is a wide variety of markets available. This means you can bet on much more than just the outright winner. We have odds for the finals and even the regionals. Which means it is a colorful selection this year. We already know the places and the time. We have music released as well.

Therefore, it’s all down to the fans and the committee to make a decision. Keep in mind that the Eurovision is not a contest of skill. However, this means these artists have already proven themselves to be professional. This is a political, phenomenological, and anthropological event to celebrate art, peace, and culture.

Introduction To The Eurovision Betting Markets For 2023

Let’s begin this article by giving you general details about the event. First, I recommend you register at 22Bet Sportsbook. This is a new betting website where you can find a large plethora of markets. This means that Eurovision is not their only specification when it comes to unique props.

Therefore you will be able to find sports, events, shows, and politics too. If you remember the 2023 Sanremo winner odds then you know how things work already. If you are one of the many who want to watch the show or visit Eurovision Village. The deadline for the betting is the airing schedule. The schedule goes as follows:

  • 05/05/2023 Eurovision Village Opens.
  • 07/05/2023 Euroclub Opens. However, the shops are already open in the city.
  • 09/05/2023 Semi-final live broadcast
  • 13/05/2023 Grand Final live broadcast

The Second Semi-finalists

We already have an idea about the semi-finalists. According to Eurovision, the following regions, artists and songs are going to compete against each other:

  • France: La Zarra – Évidemment
  • Germany: Lord of the Lost – Blood & Glitter
  • Italy: Marco Mengoni – Due Vite
  • Spain: Blanca Paloma – Eaea
  • Ukraine: TVORCHI – Heart of Steel
  • United Kingdom: Mae Muller – I wrote A Song

The Eurovision betting markets for 2023 seek to predict the winners of each sequence. Because if we know the finalists, we can not know the voting results for sure. Therefore, all we can do is make speculations. However, there are many more regions to perform during the festival. Generally, the show builds up two categories of finals. The winner of each will compete in the finals.

Outright Winner – Eurovision Betting Markets For 2023

As you saw the second-semi finals. The outright winner is nothing hard to figure out. Because we have two groups. The winner of these groups will make a new song for the grand final. According to the BBC, France, and Sweden are the two most likely winners. This means that you should take advantage of the 39.18 odds on France. This means that placing two bets is not that unrealistic. People will want to show their support to Finland but Ukraine. But this year it is going to be as prevalent as it was during the last year.

  • Sweden 1.85
  • Finland 4.7
  • Ukraine 6.59
  • Norway 12:08
  • Spain 15:27
  • Israel 22:37
  • Czech Republic 28.27
  • Austria 28.42
  • France 39.18

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Semi-Final 2 Winner Odds

We did not speak about the second semifinalists. Therefore, we are going to continue the Eurovision betting markets for 2023 by introducing you to the following countries. We have Austria showing an exceptionally outstanding performance. Paired up against Australia it’s going to be an interesting competition. Furthermore, Romania and Cyprus show a great deal of skill compared to the awesome odds. According to Reddit, Loreen the Swedish singer has run into technical issues. This means such things will not affect the intense competition.

  • Austria 1.88
  • Australia 5.91
  • Georgia 8.49
  • Armenia 10.8
  • Slovenia 12.36
  • Cyprus 18.61
  • Estonia 21.68
  • Belgium 34.06
  • Poland 46.9
  • Greece 60
  • Romania 207
  • San Marino 259

Top Balkan Country – Eurovision Betting Markets For 2023

Continuing with the odds. If you are not good at predicting these events. Then you don’t have to worry too much. Because we can bet on the top Balkan and Baltic countries.

Which makes betting a hundred times easier. However, let me go on and say that Serbia is probably on the winning side here. Because if you remember the Eurovision 2023 betting lines.

Then you probably know that I believe Serbia was a high-ranking country last year. Because this year it is no different. And unfortunately, no other Balkan regions were able to show as much of a performance as they did. However, it is still nowhere close to the big countries.

  • Serbia 2.76
  • Croatia 3.02
  • Slovenia 3.69
  • Greece 8.13
  • Albania 16.93
  • Romania 18.59

The Best Baltic Country

We can not complete the Eurovision betting markets for 2023 without mentioning the odds for the best Baltic countries. Because this is probably the easiest to figure out. Because we have three countries coming from this region. And obviously, all of them have the chance to surprise others. Right now, the bookies favor Estonia. Which doesn’t mean they are going to win.

I believe that Lithuania is going to get the highest result. However, I wouldn’t bury Latvia either. Because this is one of the betting lines I would recommend placing based on your opinion. As the internet will not debate these three separately.

  • Estonia 1.94
  • Lithuania 2.25
  • Latvia 6.69

How To Bet On Eurovision In 2023?

Finally, we have reached the end of the Eurovision betting markets for 2023. You have one full month left before the event begins. And if you are interested in other music-related bets. Then please check out the 2023 Spotify betting odds. If you are new here, then please take the following steps to be able to place a bet on the odds featured in this article:

  1. Register at 22Bet Sportsbook.
  2. Once you confirmed your email and phone number head to the main page
  3. Therefore, click on the sports betting section
  4. Go to the search bar and expand the “Special category”
  5. Click on the Eurovision
  6. Tap or click the odds you wish to bet on
  7. Finally, Purchase your betting slip and finalize your wager

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