2023 Spotify Betting Odds – The Weeknd Rocking It


Posted: April 1, 2023

Updated: April 1, 2023

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We are here to give you an update on our 2023 Spotify betting odds. Now that Taylor Swift has released her biggest song from her upcoming album. We no longer go by assumptions. We have a solid marketing plan to observe and music to listen to. And while earlier I recommended Taylor Swift. Right now I believe placing a bet on other artists might be valuable as well. This is our most relevant Spotify betting update.

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In this article, I am going to give you the promised updates on the 2023 Spotify betting odds. Because at the beginning of the year, we reported about these props. Yet the odds and the industry was extremely different. For example, we had no idea about the concept of Taylor Swift’s new album. But now that we understand everything and the hype is settled, we can see it. This is your chance to register at the best online sportsbook sites in Australia to be able to bet on your favorite music artists and bands.

In the article, we are also going to add an unrelated prop about the Blink 182 tour that will arrive in Australia as well. If I was to recommend good music, I’d recommend Tame Impala. But to win, we have to bet on songs we don’t personally listen to.

Most Streamed Artist In Australia – 2023 Spotify Betting Odds

According to the Music Feeds, Taylor Swift is leading this list so far. Her new song has a pretty good theme. Furthermore, she managed to implement some marketing with the challenge. However, this might calm down by the end of the year. Because the song is fun, it’s catchy. But at the same time, I can not listen to it more than once a week.

Which means that other people will feel the same about the same. I can see others such as The Weeknd or Kanye West topping the list soon. However, artists such as Eminem remain on lists as the rapper who play poker. But he is not going to take the first spot for sure.

  • Taylor Swift 1.4
  • The Kid Laroi 5
  • Ed Sheeran 6
  • The Weeknd 8.5
  • Drake 10
  • Kanye West 10
  • Ariana Grande 21
  • Eminem 26

The Most Streamed Australian Artist

Now that we have the first part of the 2023 Spotify betting odds out of the bag. Let’s update on the most streamed Australian artist. No, this is not the same thing. In general, we are considering the worldwide data here. But we filter out everyone who isn’t Australian. From the 2023 Grammy album of the year odds, we learned that the best songs are not always the most popular. 

This is why I believe that The Kid Laroi remains at the top of this category. Which should be a safe betting pick at the 22BET Sportsbook. The others have had massive success as well. For example, The Wiggles have received a colossal amount of exposure due to their musical remake.

  • The Kid Laroi 1.53
  • The Wiggles 3.74
  • Hilltop Hoods 6 
  • Flume 8.5
  • Tame Impala 17

Top Streamed Artist In 2023 – 2023 Spotify Betting Odds

Moving onto the next couple of odds. We can talk about the most streamed artists. This is generally the outright bet for the music category. Because this is where we will decide the most played artists. This is a little tricky. Because clicks and plays have nothing to do with ticket and album sales. According to the World Wide Tune, The Weeknd is at the top of this list right now.

I recommend you take a risk and bet on The Weeknd. Because he has had a consistent theme of ruling the music industry for a while now. His music will survive at least 12 months on the top of the list. Unless Beyoncé releases an album with Eminem, Taylor Swift, and Kanye West. 

  • Bad Bunny 1.5
  • Taylor Swift 6
  • The Weeknd 6
  • Drake 10
  • BTS 11
  • Ed Sheeran 11
  • Beyoncé 15
  • Ariana Grande 17

First Blink 182 Song Played In Australia During World Tour

Finally, we have reached the most relevant odds on the whole list. While this is not a part of the 2023 Spotify betting odds. It is under the same music category. This one is for those who don’t care for streaming numbers. Because Blink 182 is a legendary punk-rock band coming straight from the heart of America.

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And I have good news for the fans: They are on a World Tour. This involves Australia where they are going to perform many songs. You can bet on which is going to be the first song they perform on stage. According to Kerrang, the most popular song is Dammit and I wholeheartedly agree. It’s useful to take a look at the track list leaks of previous concerts.

  • Dumpweed 3.5
  • Feeling This 3.5
  • Darkside 6
  • The Rock Show 7 .5
  • Don’t Leave Me 10
  • Dammit – 11

How To Bet On The 2023 Spotify Betting Odds

Reaching the end of the article. It’s time to give you a quick betting guide. You can review our previous article about Spotify-wrapped betting predictions. However, the predictions are more down-to-earth this time. This is because the albums I talk about are no longer announcements, but released music. If you are interested, all you have to do is to register at 22BET Sportsbook.

Once you have been through the registration process visit the website. Just type “Spotify” into the search bar and it’s going to show you the available markets. Expand the “TV GAMES” category to find every bet about music. Because Spotify is not the only thing you can wager on. The category includes all musical streaming platforms, awards, charts, magazines, and of course real-time sell details. Furthermore, you can bet on upcoming collaborations and concerts too.

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