Backgammon Strategies Explained


Posted: April 1, 2023

Updated: April 1, 2023

  • What backgammon strategies are there?
  • How and when can you use them?
  • Backgammon strategies explained!

Backgammon is a game of statistics and strategy. Since gamblers play it with dice, many people think it is a game of chance, and although, looking at individual matches, luck plays a significant role, in the long run, everything depends on the skills needed for the game. Backgammon is easy to learn, fun, and you can make money with it. Scroll down for some backgammon strategies explained!

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What is Backgammon?

Backgammon is one of the gambling dice games you will enjoy! It is played by two players on a board of 24 squares with 15 discs each. The individual fields are marked by triangles, on which the players move their pieces after taking turns rolling the dice. The players move their pieces around the board in opposite directions, and the player who moves all their checkers to their home first wins.

Is backgammon a game of chance or a strategy? The question is valid, and even though most vote for strategy, luck can completely overturn any strategic idea or game. No matter what style of game you choose to play, there are basic step schemes on which you can build a strategy.

Many believe that the key to backgammon is mathematics and calculating the odds. However, this is not true. Backgammon is basically a game of pattern evaluation, just like chess. Due to the nature of the way of thinking used in backgammon, it also has many similarities with bridge. Also, both bridge and backgammon are exciting and challenging games, even without stakes. Fun fact: many bridge classics are also backgammon experts and active players!

backgammon strategies explained
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Its original version is one of the oldest games in the world, but its current rules date back only to the 20s! It was then that the modern form of betting took shape, and they defined the competitive rules of the game. Today, several tournaments, an increasing number of national championships, and some international competition series ensure playing in Europe, North America, and some countries in Asia. Every year there is a world championship in Monte Carlo and a European championship in Velden. Like chess, backgammon ranks players using live scoring.

Some Backgammon Strategies Explained!

Backgammon is a two-player board game where each player has 15 pieces or checkers that move between 24 triangles or points on the board according to the rolls of two dice. We collected some basic strategies for backgammon! For instance, control the center of the board, which means trying to establish points in the center to limit your opponent’s movement and create opportunities for your own pieces. Building a prime is a huge help. A prime is a row of contiguous points that blocks your opponents’ checkers. 

Creating a prime can be a powerful defensive strategy, as it forces your opponent to waste rolls trying to escape. Another backgammon strategy is hitting the other player’s checkers. When you hit an opponent’s checker, it gets sent to the bar, so to the beginning. This can be a powerful way to disrupt your opponent’s strategy and gain an advantage. Balancing your checkers means that you try to keep yours distributed evenly across the board to avoid leaving too many vulnerable to attack.

backgammon strategies explained
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Backgammon is a game of timing, and it’s essential to know when to move your checkers off the board to secure a win. So, you should time your moves. Be patient and wait for the right moment to make your move. Remember that backgammon is a complex game with many possible strategies, so these tips are just a starting point. Keep practicing and experimenting to find the methods that work best for you until you can play confidently at 888 Casino!

Tips for Playing Backgammon!

Start with a solid opening move because a good opening move sets the tone for the rest of the game. Aim to move two checkers out from the back row and focus on building a strong home board. Control the center of the board as the midpoint is a powerful position. Try to place your checkers on the 5 and 6 points to dominate the center. Keeping your checkers connected is a crucial strategy as it helps you to form a defensive wall. 

It’s essential to avoid leaving single checkers exposed to being hit by your opponent. Once you start bearing off your checkers, play an aggressive game in removing them from the board. This can put your opponent under time pressure and force them to make risky moves so you can take advantage of it! If you feel ready to play, check out 888 Casino! Study common tactics, patterns, and cheat sheets. 

There are many resources online that can help you improve your game, which you can find at online casino sites in Germany. Learning basic strategies and shapes will help you make better decisions during the game. Practice makes perfect! Like in any other game, practice is key to improving your skills. If you want to make money in online casinos, play against skilled opponents, try different strategies, and analyze your games to learn from your mistakes.

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Tips and Backgammon Strategies Explained!

Let’s focus on building a strong home board! It will give you a big advantage in the game. Try to keep your checkers in your home board as much as possible and work on creating points that are difficult for your opponent to pass through! Another helpful method is the running game strategy. In a running game, you move your checkers quickly around the board while avoiding being hit. If your opponent is playing this strategy, try to create blocks to slow them down.

Keep in mind the holding game strategy! In a holding game, you try to keep your checkers in your opponent’s home board, creating blocks and waiting for them to make a mistake. If your opponent uses this strategy, try to escape with your checkers as quickly as possible, and look for opportunities to hit the other player’s checkers. Hitting them is a powerful move that can shift the momentum of the game. Before applying this strategy, be careful not to leave your own checkers vulnerable.

Also, keep track of your opponent’s moves! Pay attention and try to anticipate their next move so you can avoid being caught off guard! Practice your counting because it is an essential skill in backgammon. Learn how to count your moves and your opponents’ to improve your accuracy! Don’t forget that the key to success in backgammon is to practice, analyze your games, and constantly improve your skills, just like in chess, and look up online casino sites in Germany if you have questions!

The Importance of Strategic Steps!

Learning backgammon patterns are the biggest help! One such move pattern can be used when the difference in the values ​​of the dice rolls is two.

backgammon strategies explained
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In other words, when you roll six-four, five-three, four-two, three-one. In this case, it is almost mandatory to move from line 17 or line 19, namely by moving the higher value from the back line to your inner field spots. If you successfully build several such walls, you can make it difficult for your opponent to play. If you knock out your opponent’s pieces and bring them to the barrier, the possibility of putting the knocked-out stone back into play decreases by a significant percentage with the construction of each strategic wall.

Double Backgammon Strategies Explained!

As you already learned from the basic rules, backgammon has a third, so-called doubling cube, in the game. The doubling die looks like any other dice except for the numbers, which they use to indicate the current doubling number, with the values ​​2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 on their sides. This is for the doubling game, though players rarely use it, it opens windows to new strategic moves. How to use the doubling cube wisely?

The doubling cube can significantly increase the stakes of the game. First, you need to be aware that In backgammon, every game starts with a basic bet, which can be of any size. During the game, any player can double the bet. Players can only double on their turn before rolling the dice. A player who is offered a double has two options. They can reject the doubling, in which case they lose the game and pay the bet, or they can accept it. 

Then the game continues with a double bet, and the right to double goes to the player who accepted the doubling, only they can initiate it next time. Try to time your double when you have a clear advantage, and avoid doubling too early in the game. Use the doubling cube wisely because it can significantly increase the stakes. Only double when you have a clear advantage, and try to time your double to put your opponent under maximum pressure. Click on the link to learn about more dice gambling games!

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