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Posted: January 25, 2023

Updated: January 25, 2023

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  • Rappers who play poker

In this article, we are going to talk about rappers who play poker. Therefore, these musical artists representing several sub-genre of hip-hop enjoy playing sometimes. Poker is a game that involves money. Therefore, no matter if the rapper is a rich celebrity from an art school or a gangster who hustled.

Because in the end, poker is a part of the culture. It is not reaching as deep as graffiti or golden chains. However, most rappers wouldn’t turn off an invitation to the poker table. Therefore, we are going to show you the rappers you might be able to meet at online gambling sites in the US. Some of these stories are going to surprise you if you are a fan of rap.

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Snoop Dogg At The Blue Table

Let’s start our list of rappers who play poker with everyone’s cripfather. Snoop Dogg is one of the many rappers who enjoy chilling out and gambling. However, what makes this story even more hilarious is that he is a chill guy. According to Critical Hit, he had a cameo in a movie where he was hosting a tabletop game class. However, there is a real side to Snoop Dogg where we were able to see him playing poker seriously at a table with the crip blue pattern. It is a rather rare video, and it shows a good-hearted atmosphere.

Therefore, we surely know that Snoop Dogg enjoys a table of poker once in a while. You can also roll down the street or play poker indo’ by registering at Everygame Poker. Which was the first ever online gambling operator ever.

Akon Playing Online – Rappers Who Play Poker

The second artist you probably did not expect to show up is Akon. Because it seems that he is among the rappers who play poker. We know that Akon was already someone who enjoyed living a life of luxury. However, the fact that he loves poker does not surprise us at all. However, I did not expect to see Akon shouting out at a poker site. According to CoinTelegraph, R&b superstar Akon gave the platform a shoutout.

Therefore, it seems that Akon is playing poker with cryptocurrency. Something I did not expect to hear. However, learning about it I was not surprised. It fits his character to play with modern technology and high stakes. Furthermore, he will shout out legit businesses that can be trusted by everyone.

50 Cent Loves Gambling

Moving on to the list of rappers who play poker, you probably already expected this one. 50 Cent is a legend, rapper, businessman, and father, but before anything, he is a hustler. Therefore, we all know that he loves gambling and getting easy money. Because he is already on the top of our list of gambling rappers. However, his passion is not really on the poker side of gambling. While he enjoys playing it, it seems that he prefers betting more than anything.

He will never refuse a good table as long as everyone else brings the same money and energy as he does. Signed by Eminem, 50 cent made himself famous from street gangster lyrics to a luxurious businessman. And his prestige will always live up as one of the greatest icons of rap music. As 50 said; Get rich or die trying.

Eminem & Dr. Dre – Rappers Who Play Poker

When it comes to rappers playing poker, we have to mention Dr. Dre and Eminem together. Because they used to be different from the rest of the rappers. Therefore, there are videos of them playing poker. However, it seems like they are not poker enthusiasts. In conclusion, they love poker, but not actively pursuing it.

However, when they accept an invitation, they are one of the best companies. The two Rock & Roll Hall of Fame members are there when it comes to poker. One of the most iconic moments was Eminem, Dr. Dre, and 50 cent recording a shot at a poker table in the Las Vegas Palms

Jay-Z And Nelly

Let’s move to another category when it comes to rap. Therefore, rappers who play poker are often the richest. No wonder why Jay-Z is known for his love for the game. Perfectly matching his personality and character, Jay-Z is the grandfather. And no one can play the rich and smart billionaire without enjoying a good game of poker. On the other hand, Nelly represents the other side of the same dice.

While we can imagine Jay-Z attending a high-stakes poker table within an arranged private circle. We can imagine Nelly getting chaotic and entering a Las Vegas casino alone, joining a random high stake table. If you want to bet on music icons, then check out the Spotify Wrapped betting odds.

Lil Wayne And Drake

By now you probably have realized that Lil Wayne and Drake are among the rappers who play poker. However, there is something you might have not noticed. According to Reddit, there is a small promotion at the start of “Forever (Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem). Because we can see LeBraum sitting on his private plane, opening up his laptop only to play at an online poker site. This is one of the biggest power plays.

Therefore, it was smoothly implemented into the video clip. Furthermore, we can imagine these rappers have played at online or offline poker tables together. – If you are interested in playing a high-quality poker site. Then we recommend you register at Everygame Poker.

Mobb Deep & Wu-Tang – Rappers Who Play Poker

Let’s close this article with two groups who defined Hip Hop as a whole. Therefore, these two bands are rappers who play poker even to this day. They are one of the most respected groups. On one hand, we have Mobb Deep, who has many lyrics involving poker in their song “Get Dealt With”. On the other hand, we have Wu-Tang, the stars of the latest Disney + series about rappers. Namely, Method Man and GZA had lyrics referring to gambling and poker.

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