Knicks End The Longest Losing Streak On Cavaliers


Posted: January 25, 2023

Updated: January 25, 2023

  • Julius Randle was the MVP
  • Falling now climbing back up
  • How did the Knicks end the longest losing streak

The Knicks end the longest losing streak after a fall off from their bracket. However, they were not playing against amateurs. Therefore, they have ended their 5 losing streak against the Cleveland Cavaliers. They won by mere two points. However, the whole game almost became a draw. However, the new defense game of the Knicks seems to spark something in the team. They are still not in their prime.

However, this is the best time to register at the online gambling sites in the US and bet on them. Because you can take advantage of their sudden upbringing in their next matches. We dedicated this article to give you a report about their success. Make sure to bet on the victory of the Knicks against the Boston Celtics. Furthermore, try to look for specific props on the defenses.

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Knicks End The Longest The Losing Streak

If you are new here, let’s start by setting you in the world of basketball. Therefore, the New York Knicks is one of the most famous sports teams ever. However, their success is far away from their fame. Because they are known for many downs, and only a few ups. However, by this year they have a solid spot in the NBA’s bracket. Therefore, they will probably never fall out of the leagues.

If you want to learn more about the history of the Knicks, let’s start with something light-hearted. Because they are among one the many crazy sports conspiracy theories. However, their last match against the Cleveland Cavaliers ended with a fair victory. No tricks, only rhythm and an outstanding performance from Randle and Hartenstein. Therefore, we have good news for the fan about how the Knicks ended their longest losing streak.

New York Knicks vs Cleveland Cavaliers

According to The Knicks Wall, the New York Knicks end the longest losing streak during the Cleveland Cavaliers match. Therefore, the match was a tightly contested game. The scores were 105-103. Therefore, the Knicks won with no more or less than two points. The first quarter began with a three-pointer from Julius Randle. Who happens to be the person to score the most points in this match? However, the victory was more than just his skill.

The early advantage has given the Knicks time to get into a comfortable position on the field. The Cavaliers started to come back in the second quarter. The Cavs had a hard time reading the movement of Brunson and Barrett. – To bet on the next match, register at VAVE Sportsbook. Because the Celtics vs Knicks match will happen soon.

Falling Earlier – Knicks End The Longest Losing Streak

Earlier in the season the Knicks did not have a good standing. Therefore, the Cleveland Cavaliers were moving up, while the Knicks kept falling. Amassing 5 losses to their portfolio of losing streaks. However, the moment of the match broke this losing streak. This is their longest losing streak so far.

Therefore, they have to perform better if they wish to avoid bad beats such as this. According to the NBA, Jalen Brunson is the key to solving their defense issues. Because the Cleveland match was clutched by the excellent play of the defensive players. Therefore, we might see the Knicks in a new line now that they have started to focus a little more on their defensive game. 

Julius Randle and Isaiah Hartenstein

Now that we talked about the defenses, let’s mention how the Knicks end the longest losing streak by improving their defense. Therefore, their losing streak was up to a draw. There were roughly seconds left in the game when the Cavaliers decided to push offense in the last seconds to try and acquire some points to get an advantage over the Knicks. However, instead of running for more points, they have decided to defend their 3 points advantage.

This was the right call. Julius Randle was one of the 2021 most improved players. However, it was Isaiah Hartenstein who broke the losing streak with his last-moment play. According to the New York Post, Mitchell dove in the last seconds, however, Hartenstein made one last step under the basket. Blocking Mitchell, he won the game for the Knicks.

Knicks End The Longest Losing Streak

In the last seconds of a match, it is obvious that a team with lesser points will try to push for the basket. Therefore, Hartenstein knew that Mitchell was coming. One block, and you already knew that this is the time for the Knicks to end the longest losing streak of the season. Therefore, the next match against the Celtics is going to rely on the defense more.

However, if the offense starts lacking, the Knicks might fall back into their previous position. Therefore, we are here to give you our predictions about their upcoming matches. You can use these predictions for sportsbook betting:

  • Celtics – Win
  • Nets – Lose
  • Lakers – Win
  • Heat – Lose
  • Clippers – Win
  • 76ers – Win
  • Jazz – Lose
  • Nets again – Lose

How To Bet On The New York Knicks Online?

The news about the Knicks ending their longest losing streak with excellent defense is not going to persist unless they keep up. Therefore, we recommend you check out our NBA betting guide. Because you can learn the secrets of excelling at sportsbook betting. However, if you are interested in betting on the upcoming matches.

Then we recommend you register at VAVE Sportsbook. Because they are going to offer one of the best odds for you this year. We believe that the Knicks are going to bounce between win and loss until they fall into yet another smaller losing streak. Keep in mind that you can always prove us wrong and bet against our opinion too.

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