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Posted: April 1, 2023

Updated: April 1, 2023

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We dedicated this article to bringing you the most relevant and fresh 2023 Overwatch League odds. For each match, I am going to give you my opinion on the best betting pick. Which means that I speak from experience. Because I am an avid fan of FPS eSports and if you are new to Overwatch it’s okay. This year Blizzard Entertainment created a new format called Overwatch 2 and this is the first major event in the new world of this game. Join those who bet for the first time today.

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In this article, I am going to give you the most recent 2023 Overwatch League odds. Therefore, you should register at your local operator among the online sportsbook sites in South Korea. This year is going to be one of the most important competitions in Overwatch history. Because this is the first official OWL in the brand new client. Overwatch 2 is a whole different game from what we knew back in the first edition.

However, the community is excited to see how this brand-new FPS esports is going to evolve. Make sure to not miss out on the upcoming matches. However, if you do, then don’t worry. Because the betting operators always open up betting about the next matches in different tournaments. Including the OWL and the alternative community tournaments.

Los Angeles Gladiators Vs Team Peps

Let’s start with the earliest match. We have the Los Angeles Gladiators fighting Team Peps. The French team of Peps stands out from the rest of the OW2 teams. According to the Overwatch League, all of the teams have a region and a brand name attached to them.

Originally this was the idea of Blizzard Entertainment to make eSport more similar to the NBA. It worked out well, yet it seems our French players disliked this setting.

Nonetheless, they are going to face off against previous champions. In this match, I do not give the French team any chance of winning a round. Therefore, the safe bet is to wager on a full win. But they might receive one map over the Gladiators. The 2023 Overwatch League odds are the following:

  • Los Angeles Gladiators 1.1
  • Team Peps 5.79

Redbird Vs Twisted – 2023 Overwatch League Odds

The following team has reached second place in the Overwatch World Championship. However, they fell pretty quickly as they lost 0-3. This year they are back for more, by facing a similar team called Twisted Minds. That team defeated Team Peps in the previous OWL in a much more exciting match which resulted in a 4-2. Therefore, we have a second-place World Championship in Redbird.

Competing against Twisted, who is the first place in the previous Overwatch League. They are definitely among the best Overwatch teams to bet on. I recommend you bet on Twisted Minds this time. They are a North American team of united Overwatch pros.

  • Redbird Esports 2.09
  • Twisted Minds 1.66

Toronto Defiant VS Redbird Esports

Let’s move on to the next match among the 2023 Overwatch League odds. The Toronto Defiant is going to face off against Redbird shortly after the matches with Peps conclude. This is yet another interesting match. Because Toronto Defiant is one of the weakest teams in the highest league of OWL. Therefore, Redbird Esports is the best University team. This means that Redbird might proceed to take the spot for Toronto if they lose too much.

But at the moment, it’s hard to jump to these conclusions. If you are reading my Overwatch 2 betting guide, then you will understand how the placements work. I believe that it’s better to take the 4.54 odds on the Redbird than try to be safe with the Defiant. Because the Defiant is not that good really.

  • Toronto Defiant 1.16
  • Redbird Esports 4.54

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Boston Uprising Vs Gladiators – 2023 Overwatch League Odds

For me, the Gladiators vs Uprising match is going to be the most interesting. Therefore, we finally see two qualified OWL teams facing off against each other. The Gladiators are holding high expectations of me. Yet we should keep the odds in mind. Because the team of Uprising hasn’t made a single dollar in two years from playing this sport. Therefore, the Gladiators are ten times better in performance.

I believe the current roster might be replaced if they lose this one as well. This means that I highly recommend you bet on the Gladiators to win this one. Because they even have better odds. According to  The Verge, this season will bring a fresh start for everyone. But the Gladiators are probably prepared. 

  • Boston Uprising 1.35
  • Los Angeles Gladiators 2.96 

Wisp VS Boston Uprising

We reached the last match in the first bracket. This is closing the weekly 2023 Overwatch League odds. But you can expect much more to come once these will conclude. According to  Dexterto, you can watch the event on the official Youtube page live.

The Boston Uprising has much to prove in this competition. This is one team they have in the bag I think. This means that my previous rant about the Boston Uprising has nothing to do with this competition. I view WISP as the Dignitas of OW2.

And this is not only due to the similar logo. They are just a weak team. I do not hate them. But someone has to be in last place. And WISP is definitely on the way. I recommend you bet on the Uprising. But if you want to give WISP a chance, then risk your money for a whopping 6.88x offer. 

  • Wisp 6.88
  • Boston Uprising 1.07

2023 Overwatch League Odds

As a conclusion to the odds, I recommend you to check out the Overwatch 2 betting updates. Because teams have to implement a new strategy to their teams. Furthermore, we have seen many good players departing from the competition as the team sizes have been severed. If you are interested in placing a bet.

Then please register at 20BET Sportsbook. The odds featured in this article are their courtesy. Furthermore, they are going to give you the best odds every time a new matchup is announced. Don’t miss out on the most exciting matches in the OWL competition. Because this year is a fresh start for fans and bettors to experience the whole industry from the beginning.

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