Overwatch 2 Betting Guide – For Beginners And Returnees


Posted: October 27, 2022

Updated: October 27, 2022

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This is our fully updated Overwatch 2 betting guide. Because the new version of Overwatch has finally been released. Therefore, there is no Overwatch 1 anymore. This means we are going to see the next OWL being played out in the newest format. However, the release of the game was not smooth at all. To apologize for the rocky launch, Blizzard Entertainment has given out bonus XP and free skins for all players. Nonetheless, we are here to talk about online sportsbook sites in Canada.

Therefore, we are going to introduce you to everything you need to know about the betting surrounding the new Blizzard Entertainment release. Overwatch 2 is not all that different from one. However, there are significant differences when it comes to team size. This is going to affect your favorite teams.

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Overwatch 2 Betting Guide

In this Overwatch 2 betting guide, we are going to focus on the updates at hand. Because Overwatch 2 is not entirely a different game. However, it isn’t just a new patch either. Therefore, the most important difference between OW and OW2 is the team size. Blizzard Entertainment has decided to cut the 6v6 model. Therefore, the new game has teamed with the size of 5. This is going to change the life of pro teams.

Some of the professional players became unnecessary. One of the best ways to solve this problem would be to make a new team out of the cut players. However, that is not up to Activision Blizzard to start arranging. One of the main features of the game is that they have limited the game to 1 tank per team. Therefore, one of the biggest problems has been solved.

The Upgrade Is Great

Everyone has their opinion about Overwatch 2. However, we can not deny the fact that the upgrade is great. Because there were complaints about the launch. But these complaints were rather trivial. No video games have ever managed to launch without lag, bugs, and cheaters. However, Overwatch 2 seems like a breath of fresh air after the overwhelming 6v6 competitive scene of its predecessor.

According to Eurogamer, the design of the video game has not changed. Overwatch 2 remains a superhero-esque shooter with slightly futuristic features. Therefore, the game keeps the inclusive profile it had success with. Overwatch 2 was created to get rid of the main gameplay problems. For example, teams were reduced to 5, and people couldn’t pick more than one tank anymore. Let us proceed to our Overwatch 2 betting guide.

Available Betting Types

We already mentioned at the 2022 LoL World Championship odds that prompts are available for many video games. Overwatch 2 is not different from this. As a part of our Overwatch 2 betting guide, we are going to explain the specific props you could find. However, it is important to highlight that one of the most popular is outright betting. Therefore, betting on the winner of the Tournament or a match is the most common type of betting. Our top recommendation for you is to register at Bovada Sportsbook for the best betting markets. Let us introduce you to the available Overwatch 2 betting types:

  • Outright (Winner of match or event.)
  • Correct Score (x-y win and loss predictions)
  • Placements (Bet on the placement of teams)
  • Kills (Under/Above)
  • Total map count

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Upcoming Tournaments – Overwatch 2 Betting Guide

If you are new to the game, then this Overwatch 2 betting guide is a must. Because we have one of the biggest eSports events to ever exist. Therefore, Blizzard Entertainment is building the world’s first eSport arena. They mainly want to dedicate this arena to playing Overwatch. However, when there is no OW2 event, then other games might receive the arena for a smaller period. Therefore, the OWL, or in other words Overwatch League is the biggest event to ever exist.

You can already read through our 2022 OWL odds and predictions. Because the competition is ongoing. The previous Overwatch format is over. However, Overwatch 2 is here to pick the game up from its ashes. Therefore, the main event to follow is the Overwatch League. You can find it as OWL or OWL2. 

The Structure Of Teams

As we mentioned before, the game has finally switched over to a 5v5 format. This is going to greatly affect the competitive scene. According to Kotaku, the competitive Overwatch had a rough launch full of disconnection issues. Furthermore, we already have created a tier list for the best Overwatch teams to bet on. We are looking forward to an interesting year.

Because in the new format, many teams will have to adapt to the decreasing player numbers. Furthermore, teams who played tanks exceptionally well. Are no longer going to be able to abuse the tank meta. Will the teams remain on the same standing now that the game requires more personal skill and less teamwork? We will see with the new OWL. Let us summarize the new changes in this Overwatch 2 betting guide:

  • The team size decreased to 5 players
  • Tank quantity limited to 1
  • Regional representation

Advanced Overwatch 2 Betting Guide

Now let’s talk about the advanced part of the Overwatch 2 betting guide. Because if you are one of the sportsbook bettors who already have the mobile app. Then you probably know that you can place bets during the match. Therefore, we have to highlight the current meta. According to Nintendo life, the game is in a constant state of tank meta. Therefore, among the best tanks, we can see the usual Winston, Sigma, and D.VA preference.

In Overwatch 2, there is only one tank. This means the team with the best tank player will be an exceptional team. Therefore, tanks are going to define the playstyle and performance of a team. If you know that a team has an experienced and good solo tank player. Then make sure to bet on their victory in the first quarter. And if you are new, then please register at Bovada Sportsbook.

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