All ESC Contestants To Become Eurovision Semi-Final Winners This Year

  • Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled for May 18, 20, and 22
  • All contestants’ final rehearsals have already finished in Rotterdam
  • Let’s see which countries can reach the Grand Final from the first place
Eurovision semi-final winners

The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest is about to start in a few days. All contestants’ final rehearsals have already finished in Rotterdam, so we can predict this year’s Eurovision semi-final winners. According to Press Poll results, the favorites are quite unexpected. 

While everyone is waiting for Eurovision 2021 to start, all eyes are on Rotterdam Ahoy. During the last days, this year’s contestants were rehearsing and giving the final touches to their future performances. Accredited members of the press followed all countries’ proceedings except for the Australian contestant who couldn’t come to the Netherlands, the host country itself, and the Big 5.

According to online sportsbooks in Switzerland, the results of the final Eurovision rehearsals are quite unexpected. While some favorites became underdogs, performers who have been underestimated before turned into leaders. Check out the Press Poll results of 4-day rehearsals and bet on Eurovision semi-final winners. They seem to be obvious now.

Eurovision semi-final winners
Eurovision – David Jones from Isle of Wight, United Kingdom, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Eurovision 2021: Press Poll results

If you didn’t know, the Press Poll is official journalists’ voting for their favorites that take place at the end of each rehearsal day. Traditionally, accredited members of the media follow semi-finalists rehearsals to pick the best performances. As all the final rehearsals are finished, we can take a look at Press Poll results.

Day 1:

  1. Russia – 67 points
  2. Lithuania – 61 points
  3. Sweden – 25 points
  4. Ireland – 22 points
  5. Slovenia – 21 points
  6. North Macedonia – 10 points

Day 2:

  1. Ukraine – 81 points
  2. Cyprus – 61 points
  3. Croatia – 46 points
  4. Belgium/Malta – 45 points
  5. Norway – 26 points
  6. Israel – 12 points
  7. Azerbaijan – 11 points
  8. Romania – 9 points

Day 3:

  1. Iceland – 78 points
  2. Greece – 63 points
  3. Serbia – 50 points
  4. San Marino – 47 points
  5. Austria – 31 points
  6. Czech Republic – 13 points
  7. Moldova – 11 points
  8. Estonia/Poland – 6 points

Day 4:

  1. Switzerland – 79 points
  2. Bulgaria – 70 points 
  3. Albania – 42 points
  4. Portugal – 41 points
  5. Finland – 36 points
  6. Denmark – 24 points
  7. Latvia – 12 points
  8. Georgia – 7 points

Countries to become Eurovision semi-final winners

As we can see from the Press Poll, the following countries are the favorites based on their rehearsals: Russia, Ukraine, Iceland, and Switzerland. Let’s take a closer look at each performer and learn their Bet365 Sportsbook odds to win Eurovision in 2021.

Eurovision semi-final winners: Ukraine is the leader

Go_A from Ukraine topped the list of best rehearsals based on the Press Poll. Media representatives evaluated Ukraine’s performance in 81 points. This is the best result of all days, which boosted the country’s chances to win having left such favorites as Malta and Lithuania behind. 

Go_A will perform with its Eurovision song “Shum” in the first semi-final. The folk-rock band is scheduled to perform under number 15 on May 18, 2021. According to Bet365, Ukraine has 8.00 odds to become one of two Eurovision semi-final winners.

Russia’s Eurovision winner odds improved after rehearsals

From day one, Manizha from Russia was among Eurovision 2021 outsiders. Even Russian fans of the contest didn’t believe that Manizha could qualify for the final. However, the first rehearsals changed Russia’s winning odds completely.

Manizha’s first performance with “Russian Woman” brought her first place on the first day. The press evaluated her rehearsal in 67 points, so the country has great chances of reaching the final and even placing within the top-10. Moreover, Russia’s chances to win the contest this year are 61.00 as of now.

Iceland returned to the Eurovision favorites list 

Daði og Gagnamagnið returned to the list of ESC favorites after the first rehearsals. The Icelandic musician was predicted to win last year but his chances to bring Eurovision 2022 to Reykjavik went down this spring. However, the press gave Daði 78 points based on his rehearsal, which improved his winning odds to 9.00. Also, Iceland can qualify for the final from 1st place with second-highest odds at Bet365.

Switzerland can win both semi-final and ESC 2021

Following all predictions, Switzerland is the most likely to be among two Eurovision semi-final winners. Gjon’s Tears received 79 points from journalists, which is the second-best result after Go_A. While the band will probably win the first semi-final, Gjon’s Tears will lead the second part of the show. Such a good Press Poll result also confirmed that “Tout l’Univers” is one of the main favorites to win Eurovision 2022. According to online gambling sites in Switzerland, the country will win the contest with 5.00 odds. So, who is your ESC favorite this year?

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