Eventure Introduces Mobile Game Division

The social application and technology development company announced their mobile game


The new project, called EventurePlay is closely connected to the company`s social calendaring app. It

also integrates their new SmartSeen service. This wireless camera and streaming hub system allows

people to capture and share their moments and make them unforgettable.

All games released through EventurePlay will be free, promised the company. However, players will be

allowed to in-app purchases by a “revenue-up spell.” With the upcoming developments of the division and the mentioned SmartSeen camera, users will be able to connect to local events. These happenings will be even more lively through the games. The apps will run on both iOS and Android, according to gambling news.

Lasting memories through more complete experiences

The founder of Eventure, Gannon Giguiere said that the new addition to their product catalog is supposed to make the user involvement more diverse and complete. In parallel, John Keema was announced as the new section`s director.

The new executive was really positive about his appointment. “Being able to leverage my experience in interactive development, content production, and graphical design is a dream come true,” Keema said.
EventurePlay will launch a series of games which are part of a bigger vision, according to mobile betting news. The company strives to create “memorable experiences inside of event participation,” Keema added.

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