Mike Tyson: Potentially the Greatest of All Time (part4)

Posted: April 21, 2015

Updated: April 21, 2015

Tyson was a superstar whose lifestyle fought him more than his opponents

“I came from Hell and every match I won was a step out of that world. Each victory would bring me closer to immortal glory.” These are the words of Mike Tyson, former heavyweight boxing champion. Tyson’s study of boxing history prepared him for the ring, but little in his life would prepare him for outside the ring. Well known in US gambling news, is Mike Tyson’s fall from grace.

This isn’t a typical Milton tragedy. Tyson was in the eyes of many already the greatest there ever was. Never before had people seen anyone with such youth, power and aggressiveness Tyson brought to the ring. The world was more comfortable with the glamour that followed Tyson, than he was himself. The youngest heavyweight champ ever is about to become a man without a title.

Mike Tyson’s Social Life Starts to Control Him.

Among all the people in D’Amato’s training camp that could have helped Tyson with life, few came forward. There are people now of course, who admitted they could’ve done more. This is especially the case when it comes to women. Like money in the hands of those who aren’t used to it, women can be equally difficult to manage. Tyson had the world at his feet and women were a part of that.

At one time Tyson was crossed between three high-profile women. Supermodel Naomi Campbell, Former Miss America Suzette Charles and actress Robin Givens had the attention of Tyson and were all present during his bout with Larry Holmes. Shortly after the bout, Tyson announced his engagement to Robin Givens. This was the result of Given’s mother making the claim that Robin was pregnant with Tyson’s child.

• Tyson’s private life started to overshadow his presence in the ring.
• Frank Bruno was able to show some vulnerability in Tyson.
Tyson’s problems clearly distracted him from his bout with Douglass.

Also, Don King is seriously starting to take interest in Tyson. Without D’Amato, Tyson lacked the advice from someone who knew how brutal the business can be. As Tyson’s lifestyle grabbed ahold, boxing took a back seat. Tyson and Manager Bill Cayton parted ways and few remnants of D’Amato’s influence remained. Such info could have easily swayed influenced future betting odds in accordance to US gambling laws.

With the loss of Kevin Rooney, the very training and technique that brought Tyson to the championship was gone. Changes could be seen in Tyson clinching more frequently and using less jabs to create openings during bouts. In addition, the peek-a-boo style was used less often. Tyson’s bout to Frank Bruno would be the first time people Tyson’s vulnerability in the ring.

Two Worlds of Mike Tyson Set on a Collision Course in Tokyo

Frank Bruno was one of the many who first encountered Tyson at his training camp in the Catskills. Unlike that, Bruno clearly was able to gain an early advantage with a performance that stunned Tyson in the first round. Tyson was able to sustain his composure and get a 5th round knock out, but left an impression. This was clearly a Mike Tyson that differed from his championship form.

During that time, more people started to hear more about Tyson’s exploits outside the ring and in it. Various incidents occurred such as a streetfight with former opponent Mitch Green, a car accident made out to be a suicide attempt and Givens claiming Tyson suffered from manic depression. Carl “The Truth” Williams obviously saw an opportunity to build up their upcoming fight.

Williams went all over national television saying he would brutalize Tyson in an effort to create a larger purse. His words had more of an effect on audiences that to Tyson. Many came personalities and celebrities attended the fight wanted to see if Williams could deliver on his words. Tyson, who failed to see any challenge in Williams, knocked him out in the first round.

Tyson’s distractions caused him to be knocked out the first time

Tyson was clearly not ready to fight James “Buster” Douglass in Tokyo on February 11, 1990. Tyson was clearly distraught mentally, although his body was in peak condition. With the odds at 42/1 clearly in favor of Tyson, few saw his demise approaching. Those involved in online sportsbooks in the US would have made out like a bandit. Weeks before the bout, Tyson lost his mother to cancer. With Tyson’s divorce clearly in view, Tyson was knocked down for the first time, during training days before the fight.

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