Explore the Power Couple’s Odds for Crossfit Meridian Regional 2018

Crossfit Meridian Regional odds

Rasmus Andersen and Lauren Fisher are couple goals when it comes to working together to achieve a common target. That is winning the same regionals this year. So what are their 2018 Crossfit Meridian Regional betting odds?

Spain is hosting the Crossfit Meridian Regional at Caja Mágica in Madrid. The competition date starts from June 1 to 3, 2018. Online gambling news in Spain reported that 20 individuals are from the African Middle East sub-region and 20 from Europe South. Crossfit couple, Rasmus Andersen and Lauren Fisher, is in the competing list. Take a look at 2018 Crossfit Meridian Regional odds for Rasmus and Lauren as well as their biggest opponents!

Bet on Rasmus Andersen and Lauren Fisher!

According to online gambling sites in Spain, Rasmus Andersen has 5.150 odds to win the Men’s Division of 2018 Crossfit Meridian Regional. Lauren Fisher, on the other hand, has 4.080 odds to win the Women’s Division. Since the two started dating, they have been working out together. They inspire each other to become winners.

As a result of their hard work, the Crossfit couple has some achievements to show. Apart from being an accomplished weightlifter, Lauren was also the fittest woman in the 2016 Crossfit Californian Regional. Now, she has moved to Dubai to stay close to her boyfriend. That’s why she’s competing from a new region.

Originally from Denmark, Rasmus’ biggest accomplishment was winning Crossfit Invictus Team in 2014. During an interview, Rasmus praised his girlfriend for her support “Besides being an awesome athlete, she’s a really nice person and helps me with everything inside and outside of Crossfit.” Won’t you bet on the 2018 Crossfit Meridian Regional winners to be this adorable couple?

Who are the Couple’s Worst Opponents?

In the Women’s Division, Lauren has to surpass Jamie Greene. Online sportsbooks in Spain predict the best odds for Jamie Greene to win Crossfit Meridian Regional 2018 at 1.505. The New Zealander moved to Abu Dhabi to become a fitness coach. And when she joined The Open 2018, Jamie is ranked first in the Africa Middle East sub-region. You might want to consider her when betting on Crossfit Meridian Regional 2018!

Willy Georges (2.700) and Jason Smith (3.200) are Rasmus’ biggest threat to winning Crossfit Meridian Regional 2018. After all, Willy is fittest man in Europe South when we talk about the 2018 Open round. At the same time, Jason is ranked first in the Africa Middle East sub-region. This means that Rasmund is behind Jason and he needs to step up his game!

Bet on Crossfit Meridian Regional 2018!

At Pinnacle Sportsbook, you can bet on the Crossfit Couple, Lauren Fisher (4.080) and Rasmus Andersen (5.150), to be this year’s Meridian Regional winners. On the other hand, if you want to go with the bookies’ favorites to win the Crossfit Meridian Regional 2018; choose Jamie Greene (1.505) and Willy Georges (2.700). Don’t forget to check out our article on the odds for Crossfit Pacific Regional 2018 as well!

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