F1 Canadian Grand Prix Results – Verstappen Won, Leclerc Retired


Posted: June 10, 2024

Updated: June 10, 2024

  • Charles Leclerc had to retire
  • Max Verstappen won a tight race against Lando Norris
  • F1 Canadian Grand Prix results

It’s time to talk about the F1 Canadian Grand Prix results! Soon we are going to see if anything changes on the Spanish circuit. But for now? We are mourning Ferrari’s abysmal loss while celebrating Mercedes and Red Bull at the same time. We might witness a change of placements if Ferrari does not fix their engine issues soon.

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Today we are going to give you the latest F1 Canadian Grand Prix results for the F1 2024 season. This was one of the most interesting and exciting games for many different reasons. First of all, it was a rainy day, and it made the circuit especially difficult for drivers to face. On top of that, we have seen the brand new Ferrari engine, which caused them to lose badly.

On the other hand, this was a quick revival of Mercedes’s hope, while Verstappen almost lost the race, winning it in the last moment in an exciting clash. If you are interested in wagering on F1, then we recommend you to browse our online sportsbook sites in Spain. Because the next GP is going to be hosted there!

Max Verstappen Won! – F1 Canadian Grand Prix Results

Let’s start with the most important announcement about the race: Max Verstappen won yet another GP. According to Formula 1, the Canadian track was first wet, then dry, as the drivers had to adjust themselves to the changing atmosphere. We have seen cars being at an exceptionally uncontrollable pace sometimes, while on the other, the track dried up, and they had to re-adjust themselves to the usual atmosphere.

The air was surely stressful for the drivers too, amidst the chaos that had taken place in the chaotic and unexpected strategy atmosphere. It was Lando Norris from McLaren who managed to get ahead for the large majority of the track, and just in the few final laps they had a thrilling head-to-head with Max Verstappen. In the end, he came out as a winner with 1:45:47.927 time against Lando Norris’s +3.879s. If you are interested in betting on the next GP, register at TornadoBet Sportsbook!

Max Verstappen 2024 canda gp

Mercedes Is On The Rise Again

While the biggest winners were Red Bull and McLaren, at the same time, we have seen some rise in ranks. Ferrari was out of the picture due to their mechanical issues. But at the same time? We are now seeing Mercedes in the third spot, where they would otherwise be around between fifth and sixth places.

According to The Race, it was not Lewis Hamilton who led Mercedes to the top, but rather George Russell, who managed to take the lead for a significant portion of the race. If Ferrari can not fix their problems for the rest of the season, then Mercedes might take their place on the leaderboard. This also reignites the question: Does Hamilton want to join Ferrari in 2025? The F1 Canadian Grand Prix results give us great hope for the future of Mercedes.

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Leclerc Retirement – F1 Canadian Grand Prix Results

After the Monaco GP 2024, everyone was hyped to see Leclerc’s performance in Canada. We did bet on Leclerc to win this one. But we were wrong. According to the GP Fans, Ferrari has suffered one of the greatest losses this season. They recently switched their engine to a different one, which caused their whole car to break down. Losing so much that Leclerc had to retire from the Canadian GP.

At the end of the race, he gave an interview where he stated that they were disappointed and that they would have to face this challenge, which might affect the rest of the season for Ferrari. In conclusion, we believe that their switch to another Engine was a gamble. They had the chance to take the reins or at least the second place behind Red Bull, but now they fell well under Mercedes, and if they continue like this, they might lose their spot on the top.

Ferrari retirement 2024

What Happened To Ferrari?

To get a little more out of the topic, the F1 Canadian Grand Prix results are not the end of the world. You have to take a look at the F1 car structure to understand the issue. They had a gamble with both the engine, the wheels, the tires, and pretty much anything they could do to make a bad decision. However, an attempt at innovation is inevitable, and Ferrari is going to need to find the source of the issues.

Of course, this is going to be hard, and we will not bet on Ferrari for a while. It might be that by the next GP, they fix the engine and Leclerc starts to dominate the race. On the other hand, there is a chance that they are not going to be able to fix their cars. This might result in random losses and wins, or even a consistent loss of prior position on the ladderboard.

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Honorable Mentions – F1 Canadian Grand Prix Results

Of course, we have much more than that. We have seen some of the top 7 F1 drivers of all time struggling and rising again. Alex Albom managed to showcase the potential of Williams under the right circumstances, even if Sainz managed to take them out. Lando Norris once more did not abandon McLaren’s hopes for taking the first place again. Pierre Gasly from Alpine managed to haul some points, which gave him a 9th finish.

Lance Stroll managed to maintain his balance against the rough environment, which gives us some hope for Aston Martin. Of course, it was Lando Norris who took the greatest honorable mention for the whole circuit, who almost managed to score a victory against Max Verstappen and the remaining opponents after Ferrari’s retirement.

Canada gp conclusion 2024

Bet On The Upcoming 2024 Spain GP Odds

Now that you know all of the F1 Canadian Grand Prix results, let’s talk about the future of the sport. As we highlighted earlier, we recommend everyone abstain from betting on Ferrari, even if we are going to regret not doing so. Simply, their current engine is too chaotic, and even the drivers have little understanding of the issues that go around inside their cars. 

Furthermore, we believe that Max Verstappen will continue to maintain his victory. Thus, we recommend you to risk a wager on Verstappen. Lando Norris had a moment of glory, but we do not believe that he can win unless Max Verstappen’s car is going into a failure. We are all excited about the upcoming Spanish GP, and if you are interested in betting, then all you have to do is register a TornadoBet Sportsbook!

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