F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Review – What Happened On The Strip?


Posted: November 21, 2023

Updated: November 21, 2023

  • Will F1 return to Las Vegas after 2024?
  • Leclerc was performing great!
  • F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix review

We have created an F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix review to put a closure to our highly anticipated match where our favorite sport has mixed with our favorite city. The drivers had fun, we saw Leclerc almost winning, and of course, yet another Verstappen victory for Red Bull. Las Vegas was a great event, and we are going to see an overwhelming amount of interest in the future.

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This is our F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix review. It was a highly anticipated race that had its ups and downs in history. The very first attempt was a catastrophe. This year, people wanted to undermine the event, for the fact that the tickets were extremely expensive. However, in the end, it turned out great, and everyone had fun, including the fans, the drivers, and the constructors. 

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Introduction – F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Review

Let us start with the basics. The Las Vegas GP has sought to return to the LV Strip after the tragic attempt over a decade ago. This time, we have a better understanding and technology. According to Autosport, this was the 20th win of Max Verstappen in this season. The second place, who was extremely close to winning was Charles Leclerc, who seems to have been proving much better than what people thought him to be.

The drivers had fun generally, however, the race was not as wide as we had expected. Generally speaking, we believe it was a positive experience, and if the earlier controversies weren’t happening, it could have been the best GP of all time. For betting on future races, please register at Bovada Sportsbook. Because they are always serving the best odds.

Much Better Than Expected

As we said earlier, fans and even drivers were not happy about the event. Even Though this F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix review is on a positive note, before the event happened fans even sought to boycott the event. Such a thing couldn’t even happen. Everything started with the incredibly high ticket prices, which the common F1 fan just simply can not afford. According to the Review-Journal, the general feedback on the event and the track is that it brought back the spirit of F1.

We are too used to wide roads where cars can easily ignore each other. This time, it was a tight situation, and some of the drivers were unexpectedly great. Charles Leclerc lost due to the safety car, but even then he was happy about competing with Max Verstappen. F1 has proven that Vegas is indeed one of the best places.

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Ferrari Putting Up A Fight – F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Review

Charles Leclerc has been underestimated by the fans for a long time now. According to the AP News F1’s $500 million gamble did hit the jackpot with this event. Those who were a fan of Ferrari finally saw what Leclerc was fully capable of. While we had many people going ahead in the competition, it was him and Max Verstappen who managed to pull significant weight.

Even Hamilton admired the performance of the two, saying it was an honor to be among them during the race. Nonetheless, one of the sad parts of the event is that Leclerc won due to the safety car. This means that the slow burn has given everyone else a chance to catch up with him, and this is how Verstappen managed to get ahead and win.

Max Verstappen Won Anyways

In this F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix review, we have to highlight the question: How is Verstappen so good? This time he won again, and this season he has taken 20 victories for Red Bull. This is a team effort as he is driving the best car, paired with the best constructors. But at the same time? They optimized the car to Verstappen whose driving style is unique and beats everyone else at the moment.

The fact that Leclerc put up a fight against him is outstanding. There is one more race left in the season, and we do not close out the possibility that Verstappen is going to bag a 21st victory too. He already won the season by points, as there is no chance for anyone to beat his scores right now.

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Will It Return? – F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Review

So the big question today is: Will the Las Vegas GP return? We have written about how the F1 returning to Las Vegas is reigniting some memories. But does Vegas want another GP? They have to close off the whole Strip, and of course, the culinary and casino careers are going to receive extra bonuses for the overwhelmingly increasing traffic. Therefore, I believe that Las Vegas is going to return in 2024.

However, the team wants an earlier date than the end of the season this time. While we can not professionally tell, probably the event should be held in the colder months of Vegas, to avoid the overheating of the drivers. Furthermore, next time they could not use the safety car system.

Where To Bet On F1?

Finally, we have the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix review coming to a close. If you are interested in the final track for the 2023 season, then please take a look at our latest article: Abu Dhabi GP odds in 2023. You can go ahead and bet on the event, and we highly believe that Max Verstappen is going to take yet another trophy before the event concludes.

2024 is going to bring us great innovations, and we might see the day of a new series of cars in the upcoming two seasons soon. In conclusion, if you wish to bet on F1, then please register at Bovada Sportsbook. Because they are going to give you a real-time update on anything that is happening to the world of F1. From business to races, from outright to top 10 placements, and even more!

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