Family Guy Slot Review and Bonus Recommendation

Family Guy slot review

ITG’s Family Guy slot is a must-try for the fans of the popular animation series but casual players might be pleased with it as well.

Would you let Lois, Meg, Stewie, Chris, Brian and Peter Griffin into your home? If you’ve watched at least a few episodes of the Family Guy, your initial answer might be ‘no’. However, there’s no denying that this disastrous family has provided plenty of hilarious moments over the years. With the Family Guy slot you can enjoy their company whenever your desire.

Ever since its creation in 2012, the Family Guy slot has attracted plenty of players. Not only those who like the show but casual slot enthusiasts as well. It has five reels, 30 paylines, original soundtrack and graphics. Besides the theme song, the Family Guy slot has other additional voice effects. It’s hard to resist laughing after a random ‘Shut up Meg’ on Peter’s distinctive and disgusted voice.

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The Family Guy slot is known for its user-friendly interface and bonus-rich setup. It has many different bonus rounds, dedicated to the family’s members. Peter’s is the Chicken Fight Bonus, where you’re required to choose a side. Based on the outcome, it provides free spins and multipliers. Lois provides hot free spins, which can be claimed after helping her prepare a romantic dinner for her careless husband.

‘Brutal’ is the correct word for Stewie’s bonus round. Here, you have to join Stewie and help him shoot his own family members from his room’s window. This scene won’t be surprising for those who are familiar with the series. At the Drunken Clam, you’ll have to choose one Pantucket Patriot Ale and watch the famous characters drink for extra cash bonus.

It’s pretty clear why is everybody hooked on the Family Guy slot. It’s true to the series, full of bonuses and easy to play. Grovesnor Casino is a great site to try the Family Guy slot. Not only because you’ll surely find it, but also because you’ll get a £20 Grosvenor no deposit bonus after you joined them.

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