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A bet on Man United used to be such an easy thing, but their recent form has been anything but fabulous and after Wolfsburg knocked them out of the Champions League they face entering the Europa League in the round-of-32 against a Danish side they’re likely to know very little about. Will the Red Devils triumph or are they due to be brought down by a team whose name most of them can’t pronounce?

The 3-2 defeat in Germany was bad for morale, the Champions League dream demolished by a town that sounds like it from Game Of Thrones was a huge disappointment for Manchester United, but their defeat to Bournemouth was a true disaster for a side that is almost synonymous with good football. Sadly this season they’ve shown precious little worthy of that reputation and indeed have been rounded criticized for being “boring” with a lot of defensive play.

It has been slips in this style of football that has caused their defeats, and made a bet on Man United so risky. Too often caught napping by even set pieces as King’s goal for the Cherries proved last weekend, and their arrival in the Europa League means they’ll be up against teams of which they’ve precious little experience, and very little knowledge. This includes their first fixture, a fixture those that like to bet on sports in Denmark will be interested in because its against their champions, Midtjylland.

Bet On Man United To Win? Only If You’re Feeling Lucky……..


Man Utd may not be able to defeat Midtjylland (Photo: UEFA)

Midtjylland is a team will an illustrious history that dates back less than 20 years as they were formed only in 1999 when rival clubs Ikast FS and Herning Fremad came together under the umbrella caretakership of Johnny Rune whose name makes him sound like someone from World Of Warcraft, but was in actual fact a car dealer and carpenter. The team is these days owned by a group of shareholders, the biggest of which also owns Brentford FC.

They won the Danish Superliga back in the summer in a footballing fairytale with richer teams falling to them in game after game, even this season they’ve still kept up with the top flight and were only eliminated from the Champions League in the third round this year after a defeat to APOEL Nicosia, but fared well against English Premier League side Southampton beforehand. The question is can we bet on Man United to beat them? That the answer is only “probably” speaks volumes.

Manchester United have not been able to convert chances into goals this season. Fluffed efforts, mistimed shots and wayward strikes have left fans vocally disappointed but what has really concerned them is the reaction to this of their manager Louis van Gaal who has seen fit to play a style of football no one likes, make substitutions no one understands and claim it would all be alright if he had other players. Perhaps he’s gambling news coverage won’t make that sound like sour grapes. Perhaps.

Van Gaal May Be Gone If They Don’t Get Goals

Louis van Gaal

Louis van Gaal (Photo: Football365)

Louis van Gaal is now somewhat embattled at Manchester United, his tenure there not the blazing success fans or players expected, his guarded approach is fine when you’re getting somewhere but when the team has stalled and is failing to beat teams like Bournemouth, it just seems a tad distant. Of course Louis knows the score and has staked his job on three consecutive wins, and whose to say if he’ll still be manager when the wolves of Midjylland square off against the Red Devils.

Midtjylland are noted for their interesting approach (they’ve got a “mind coach”) and in particular it will be their “Set-piece lounge” which far from being something new from IKEA is actually somewhere they analyze and replay set-pieces over and over again. That might sound a tad odd, but half their goals from last season were produced through set-pieces, and remember it was one of those that did for all those who’d bet on Man United last weekend.

With Danish gambling laws as they are you might have to stretch a point to get on ComeOn! Sportsbook and place a bet on Man United these days, and one does so at one’s peril as what might look on the fixture list as a visit from Norwich could turn into a nightmare for van Gaal. Currently the bookie are giving Man U around 4/9 with Norwich outside at 6/1 but a draw is garnering 10/3 which, given their form, isn’t too bad if you can’t quite bring yourself to bet on Man United.

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