Famous Female Pool Players: Ladies of the Coolest Sport Ever

  • Pool is one of the most popular sports in the US
  • Many still think it is a men's game, but we ought to change this opinion
  • Learn about the most famous female pool players in the U.S.
famous female pool players

laying pool is everyone’s favourite game to impress others. Especially, when it is done professionally. Billiard or pool is one of those sports that society still considers a men’s game, but this is totally wrong. This article shares some info on amazing women in Pool, and the feminine side of this sport. See the most famous female pool players in the United States!

The Women’s Professional Billiard Association

The Women’s Professional Billiard Association is a professional women’s pool tour based in the United States. It was founded in 1976 as the Women’s Professional Billiard Alliance by players Madelyn Whitlow and Palmer Byrd, and by Larry Miller. Today, it is the single biggest association for female pool players in the US. WPBA began in the seventies with the second wave of feminism. Their aim is still to promote female pool players and help them to be heard and recognised. With a growing number of professionals, here are some of the most famous female pool players you should know about! You can bet on billiards on various online sportsbook sites in the US, with Bet Online being our number one pick!

Famous female pool players: Jennifer Barretta

Jennifer Baretta is famous more multiple things. In pool, she is one of the most recognized players and is one of the 10 best 9 ballplayers from around the world. She also starred in Assumption of Risk (2014), 9-Ball (2012) and Asphalt Heart (2010). She is definitely one of the most high-profile and famous female pool player. Jennifer Barretta continues to dominate the women’s pool scene both domestically and internationally. The famous pool player routinely competes in men’s events and holds wins over some of the best male players in the world.

Jeanette Lee

famous female pool players
Jeanette Lee – KIYOUNG KIM, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jeanette Lee is a professional American pool player. His friends named her “The Black Widow” because of the way she transformed when she was playing pool (Source: pool mania). She started playing in 1989 and became number 1 in the world ranking of pool players during the ‘90s. It should be noted that she was awarded the “Women’s Professional Billiard Association” (WPBA) as an outstanding sportswoman of 1998.

Allison Fischer

Our next famous female pool player is Allison Fischer. Born in the UK, Fischer has won over 80 national titles and 11 world titles in total. Her first world title dates back to when she was 17. Fisher did not take long to make her mark in the world of pool, winning only the second tournament that she played in. She has an unequalled record, winning 50 WPBA titles, which includes 4 world 9-Ball championships. She has also been the highest-earning player on a number of occasions, which takes into account male and female players.

Pan Xiaoting

Pan Xiaoting is the first professional Chinese player to play full time on the WPBA women’s tour. She is the winner of the 2007 Taiwan WPA. Pan shares friendship and rivalry with another great Asian player such as Kim Ga-young. She is currently one of the most recognized players both inside and outside Asia and has a large number of followers every time she plays. Thanks to WPBA, there are more and more talented pool players to recognise. Don’t miss Bet Online’s offers on pool betting to support the outstanding females of this sport!

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