Fed Informant on The PokerStars And Co Case May Not Go To Prison

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Daniel Tzvetkoff, the snitch who was giving information to the police against the massive operators PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker back in 2011, might have a chance to avoid going to jail again.

The Courier-Mail reported for the gambling news that probation report suggests sentence between six and twelve months in prison, but it’s more likely that he won’t have to spend more time in jail.

Tzvetkoff had already spent four months in a New York prison after he was arrested, but now its reported that he is back to work in Australia.

The background story

Tzvetkoff pleaded guilty for money fraud and laundering charges, after he became rich through his financial processing business Intabill. It was proven by the government that the company was doing business with illegal offshore sites, providing services to gamblers who play online poker in USA.

Tzvetkoff’s lawyer commented: “For a first-time offender who has never before experienced prison, four-plus months inside the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn constitutes a harsh and significant punishment.”

The accusations towards him were that he stole the impressive amount of $100 million from them.

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