The Majority of Britons Think Online Gambling Ads Are Barking up the Wrong Tree

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While iGaming is a burgeoning industry in Britain, the majority of the country’s citizens think that online casino advertisers are failing to tap the market’s full potential.

The marketing technology specialist DigitalOne recently commissioned a study on the responsiveness of British consumers to online gambling advertisements. The issue has become a hot topic since UK gambling laws were revised in 2006 to allow online casinos and bookmakers more freedom to plug their products.

It conducted a survey of 2,000 consumers as well as interviewed 11 senior marketing executives from the iGaming industry. What did they find?

Most Britons think that these companies are using misplaced marketing schemes and aren’t reaching the right audiences. Only 21 percent responded “yes” when asked whether advertisements target the correct demographic, compared to 51 percent who responded “no.”

Executives tend toward TV advertisements

The group of executives from online casinos in the UK interviewed expressed overwhelming favor for the TV platform over online advertising, arguing that, albeit expensive, it is much more effective.

Said one respondent, “We still feel we will receive much greater reach and brand awareness through TV.”

This was contradicted by consumer sentiment, with a significant number responding that they are just as swayed by internet as TV advertising. However, things like ease of use and game quality were found to be much more important when advertising when pulling in customers.

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