Fernando Alonso Tops the Chart for Most Marketable F1 Drivers

Fernando Alonso F1

Surveys of Repucom indicate that Mclaren Honda’s new driver, Fernando Alonso, is the most easily sellable name in the Formula 1.

Even though the fact that Fernando Alonso is not among the biggest favourites for winning the driver’s championship, he is the most marketable name in the Formula 1 field. According to Repucom’s latest poll, 98.4% of the Iberian country’s citizens are aware who the two-time world champion racer is.

However, online sportsbooks in Spain do not believe that he will be able to achieve his third success as Bet365 have set the odds for his triumph at 41.00 (40/1). McLaren’s driver will be forced to miss the first act of the competition due to his injury that he sustained last month in Barcelona.

Current champion Lewis Hamilton is only 4th on the list

The second placed on the chart is Alonso’s former teammate Felipe Massa whose name is known by 99.2% of Brazilian citizens. His overall marketability (DBI) has increased to 88.84 while that of Sebastian Vettel has decreased to 85.49 due to which the 4-time world champion is only on the 3rd place.

Title holder Lewis Hamilton is, according to mobile betting sites, the greatest favourite for this year’s Formula 1 championship which helped him to climb up to the 4th position. He is known by 92.8% of UK citizens and the British pilot’s DBI score has increased to 83.68. His teammate and expectedly greatest competitor Nico Rosberg is in 6th place on the list.

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