Fifa 18 Rating Release: Take a Look at Players Commenting on Their Own Ratings


Posted: September 6, 2017

Updated: October 4, 2017

Are you curious how much points are given to your favourite footballers in the coming-soon football game? Then check us out!

Do you like football and you watch this passionate game frequently? Then you must have heard of the best football game, FIFA. And if you know what FIFA is, then you must be aware of the fact as well that the newest edition of the game is about to be released soon. However, not much is known about it yet…

For example, online sportsbook news sites in Germany had no useful information about when FIFA 18 ratings release will actually happen. Up until now. Nobody expected the game creators to come up with such an awesome marketing idea but they made it: they asked professional football players to help them.

How would Lewandowski and others rate themselves in FIFA?

Have you ever asked the question while playing FIFA: “Okay, cool, these guys see these players like this. But how would the players rate themselves? How many points do you think Lewandowski would give to himself if he was a FIFA creator? And what about Ronaldo? You can find out many things about them if you look at the video below!

FIFA launched a campaign in which professional football players, such as Neuer, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Muller, Delle Ali, Dybala, Di Maria, Bonucci and others are asked to read mean Twitter messages and reply to them. And then they are also asked about how they see themselves and how many points they think they deserve…

Who do you think is the most confident football player?

I’ll put a spoiler alert here, so if you haven’t watched the video yet, but you would like to, then you can just skip this part. However, there should be no surprise in Cristiano Ronaldo’s answer, who wasn’t shy enough to answer honestly: he would give himself a 100 if he was to create FIFA.

However, Bayern striker Robert Lewandowski was and PSG backup Di Maria were also quite confident. The Polish striker said he deserves at least 90, while the Argentine rated himself at 93. Oh, and let’s not forget about the fact that Atletico’s Griezmann simply asked, “Can I score more than 99?”

Of course it’s only a joke at the moment but these players are probably actually among the most confident ones, and FIFA 18 ratings release helps us discover a bit more about their personalities. And it also explains why they are among the best footballers of all: let’s not forget about the importance of mental toughness in football!

FIFA 18 release date is 29 September, 2017, so it’s coming soon. Online sportsbook sites in Germany will be also eager to learn as much as possible about the new game. Especially because they will have to offer FIFA 18 betting odds at the best FIFA tournaments. Would you like to know where to find the best FIFA 18 betting odds? Why don’t you start by clicking on the latest review about Vbet Sportsbook?

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