Bet on the Bookies’ Favorite X-Factor Judge and Group in 2017

bookies favorite x-factor judge in 2017

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On September 3rd, X-Factor has returned to ITV for its 14th season. The faces on the regular judges’ panel won’t surprise anyone. Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh, and Simon Cowell will mentor the 2017 contestants. But who’s the bookies’ favorite judge in 2017?

The Overs will be mentored by Nicole Scherzinger, the Girls by Sharon Osbourne, the boys by Louis Walsh, and the groups by Simon Cowell. It’s important to note that the category assigned to a judge has more influence on the odds than the judge’s person. Considering the previous winners, the boys’ group has the highest chances of winning, followed by the Overs. The most successful mentor from the panel is Simon Cowell, who lead 3 talents to victory throughout the show’s 13 seasons. So far, none of the judges have won with the category they were assigned this time, which will make this season even more exciting. Let’s move on to the statistics:

X-Factor UK Winners’ Formula

X-Factor Winners' Statistics

X-Factor Judges Statistics

X-Factor Statistics

Statistically, your best bet is the boys’ category, however, it is run by one of the least successful judges, Louis, this year. Based on previous seasons, the second best bet would be the overs, which produced 3 winners so far, but it’s run by Nicole, the second most successful judge from this season. The remaining pairs seem to have equal chances.

Bookies’ Favorite X-Factor Judge in 2017

UPDATED on 02.10.2017

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X-Factor Judge Odds
1.Louis Walsh | Boys3/13/12/1
2.Nicole Scherzinger | Overs13/43/111/4
3.Simon Cowell | Groups2/12/19/4
4.Sharon Osbourne | Girls11/59/45/2

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