Finally The Bookies Offer Up Some Odds On The Razzies

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Odds On The Razzies
Image source: Par Lance, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

So everyone knows about the Academy Awards (the Oscars) but the Razzies, Golden Raspberry Awards are less well-known. Held the night before, this counter award ceremony hands out prizes not to the best, but the worst. It may have begun as a joke but is now a traditional kick off to the Oscars themselves. That’s why, at long last, online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada have begun offering odds on the Razzies (as they’re affectionately called). So let us see. 

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Movies have moved from the cinema to the home with barely a murmur of protest. Streaming services have revolutionized how we watch films. It also means we all watch a few more movies than we used to. A couple of clicks and we’re viewing. It’s so easy. Leading to the production companies to ramp up their output. This has obvious results. Indeed perhaps that’s why online bookies in the US like Bovada are now offering odds on the Razzies. There’s a lot of crap about. 

How often have you clicked on some promising cover art only to find it dire within the first half an hour? Convinced they’d got the description wrong. You lament the poor script, horrible direction, awful acting and a plot so pedestrian it could walk away. Then click on something else. In this brave new digital world we ought have access to odds on the Razzies at online betting sites in the US like Bovada. We deserve them. We sat through these trashy pieces of garbage.

He’s All That Gets Shortest Odds On The Razzies

Worst Picture is the big category, of course, although there are all the others you’d expect. Dwayne Johnson has won worst actor, Sandra Bullock worst actress, and Guy Ritchie worst director. Naturally back at the start in the 1980s few were prepared to come along and accept their awards. These days, however, the odds on the Razzies getting collected by those who win them is quite good. Those in Hollywood with some class see it for the glorious irreverence it is.

Odds On Worst Picture 2021

  • The Misfits – 20/1
  • Chaos Walking – 20/1
  • Mortal Kombat – 18/1
  • SAS: Red Notice – 16/1
  • Jolt – 16/1
  • Thunder Force – 14/1
  • Space Jam: A New Legacy – 14/1
  • Vanquish – 12/1
  • The Woman In The Window – 10/1
  • The Kissing Booth 3 – 9/1
  • Locked Down – 9/1
  • Cinderella – 7/1
  • The Tomorrow War – 6/1
  • He’s All That – 4/1

So place your tongue firmly in your cheek, and check out the odds on the Razzies. Willing to bet you see a movie you’ve seen and hated on the list of worst picture odds. There’s some absolutely stinkers. Coming To America 2 gets 33/1 for instance, and did indeed suck. Although perhaps not as badly as Awake at 25/1. It certainly wasn’t as bad as Space Jam: A New Legacy which gets 14/1. See? Instantly makes a change from a regular bet on sports in the US at Bovada doesn’t it?

Odds On The Razzies
Who’s gonna be the worst? – Image source: karaokefanboy, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bovada Has All You Need To Bet On The Razzies

What about Cinderella? Did your kids force you to sit through that pile of smarmy garbage? Did they? Well that gets 7/1 in the odds on the Razzies and is entirely deserving. Then again, The Tomorrow War, ahead of it at 6/1, was also a terrible viewing experience. So forgettable in every respect you could watch it twice three days apart and not notice. However, they save the shortest 2021 Razzies odds on Worst Picture for He’s All That, which was so far from ‘that’ it was ‘this’.

“We finally figured out you couldn’t compete with the Oscars on Oscar night, but if you went the night before, when the press from all over the world are here and they are looking for something to do, it could well catch on.”

  • John J B Wilson – Founder, The Golden Raspberry Awards

A remake of a film no one needed to recover from the dustbin of history, He’s All That is a teenage rom-com. Supposedly. Of course, if you’ve seen it you’ll know the cast lacked chemistry and the script failed to bring the funny. They give it the shortest odds on the Razzies for a reason. But will it win? Well you can now take advantage of US gambling laws at sites like Bovada and bet on it doing so. The Golden Raspberry Awards have come of age, and make a fun wager.

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We take a look at the odds on the Razzies now the bookies are offering them up and see which film is in the frame for the worst movie of the year 2021.

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