First Gambling Bill In Ireland – New Law And Regulator Body

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First Gambling Bill In Ireland

The gambling industry in Ireland is still young compared to other countries. Therefore, the first gambling bill in Ireland was announced in 2021. Because this is the first bill that seeks to regulate gambling. Therefore, they are going to join the UK gambling law reform. Because they represent similar values as the majority of these European countries. However, Ireland has been working on a new regulator to be established. Therefore, they released their plans last year. Because we can hear stories about the delayed bill plans in the US. 

However, Ireland is not playing around. Therefore, they have been transparent with their vision. This is why you should trust online gambling sites in Ireland. Because everyone who owns an Irish license is a part of a healthy circle of online operators. Feel free to register at these sites. Because they will give you a real-life casino experience.

The First Gambling Bill in Ireland for Regulation

According to Gambling News, the first gambling bill in Ireland seeks to regulate the industry in several ways. Because in 2022 Ireland will establish its own Gambling Regulatory Authority. Therefore, they are going to unite the smaller bodies that have been regulating gambling in the country. However, the bill seeks to take immediate steps towards a healthier atmosphere. Because Ireland is not playing around when it comes to making laws.

First Gambling Bill In Ireland
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They have a great sense of leadership, and they involve the citizens in the making of these decisions. The first step is going to create strict laws to defend the children. Therefore, people under the age of 18 should not enter any land-based casinos. Because these activities will be considered an offense. Therefore, the bill seeks to intimidate underage people as a protector.

The New Gambling Regulator

According to iGB, the first gambling bill in Ireland will spread to the Northern regions too. Therefore, the bill includes plans regarding the restrictions on Northern Ireland. However, this law is going to overwrite the Betting, Gaming, Lotteries and Amusements Order 1985. Because they seek to expand the vicinity of their law towards the internet. The Irish government launched a consultation in 2019. In the results, 66% of the participants have been supporting the relaxation of bookmakers. 

Furthermore, they agreed to bookmakers opening on Sundays. However, the government will introduce a mandatory levy on licenses for license holders and operators. The best feature of the bill seeks to create a Social Impact Fund. Therefore, licensed companies will monetarily contribute to the establishment of mental well-being for gamblers.

Making A Healthier Atmosphere – First Gambling Bill In Ireland

According to the Ireland Department of Justice, these rules will be enforced by the government. Therefore, breaking the rules will cost around 20 million EUR for corporate entities. Alternatively, a 10% relevant turnover. Therefore, the government will have all the tools.

First Gambling Bill In Ireland
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To sanction operators for unlawful activities. However, they can impose these administrative financial sanctions at any time. Furthermore, they may block access to servers and make audits without notification. Therefore, the government is going to watch these operators in person without notifying them.

However, these harsh regulations are not criminalizing lawful operators. The reason why the Irish government takes this seriously is to create a healthier atmosphere. Because the first gambling bill in Ireland solves extreme problems. Therefore, the first bill of Ireland is stronger than the 300. Bill of certain states or countries.

The Upcoming Restrictions

The restrictions coming with the first gambling bill in Ireland seeks to make serious regulations. Therefore, allowing an underage person to play gambling games results in 6 months in prison. However, they will also regulate advertisements. Therefore, we can expect upcoming laws similar to the Netherlands gambling ad ban. Because if they seek to follow the example of Europe. Online operators shouldn’t try to sponsor athletes and sports teams anytime soon. 

First Gambling Bill In Ireland
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However, the restrictions about these advertisements are not specified yet. Therefore, the new regulative body will be in charge of them. Because the new body will release the changes and restrictions when they are officially established. Irish culture and gambling walk hand in hand. Check out why in our other article called gambling symbols explained.

Summarizing The First Gambling Bill In Ireland

This is time to summarize the first gambling bill in Ireland. Because this is the first bill that seeks to regulate gambling since 1985. The new law will focus on the establishment of healthy gambling. Therefore, they are going to sanction operators against allowing underage people to participate.

Furthermore, they will watch the online gambling sites and create two new levies for license holders. That means that corporations will contribute to the health of gamblers by paying additional taxes. The money coming from the taxes will focus on helping vulnerable people. 

First Gambling Bill In Ireland
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The new gambling regulations will create a Gambling Regulatory Authority. Once this is established, they will announce more. Because there will be updates about advertisements and Northern Ireland. We can expect regulations such as the recent European gambling ad bans.

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