T20 World Cup Winners- A Compilation


Posted: January 28, 2021

Updated: January 28, 2021

Each Cricket playing country around the globe endeavors to carve their names in the T20 Cricket World Cup Winners List. Formerly known as ICC World Twenty20, International Cricket Council (ICC) arranges an International Twenty20 cricket competition, every two years. Cricket fans are energetically standing by to see which group will enroll its name in the Men's T20 World Cup Winners List next year and who will be given up.

Each Cricket playing country around the globe endeavors to carve their names in the T20 Cricket World Cup Winners List. Formerly known as ICC World Twenty20, International Cricket Council (ICC) arranges an International Twenty20 cricket competition, every two years. Cricket fans are energetically standing by to see which group will enroll its name in the Men’s T20 World Cup Winners List next year and who will be given up.

The possibility of having T20 Cricket was first proposed in England by Stuart Robertson, the advertising director of the ECB. They were attempting to discover a fast-paced format of the exhausting (as named by the more youthful age of the country) Test cricket to pull the spectators to the cricket arena. 

His idea was eventually voted positively by the county chairmen with the final result being 11-7 in favor. The more youthful generation reacted emphatically to his thought even though it didn’t take much time to win the hearts of the individuals outside ECB also. The Caribbean was the first to appreciate the idea. By observing this immensely expanding publicity International Cricket Council (ICC) chose to have a World cup beginning from 2007 with 2 years gaps except for any ICC 50 Over World cup being hosted that year.

Brief description of Twenty20

The idea behind Twenty cricket was to make cricket a less tiring game for those who believe it to be plain boring. Hence, the rules surrounding this version are designed specifically to give the game a fast pace. The rules are so in line with the ideology, that anyone deliberately trying to slow-pace the game will face penalties.

Twenty20 follows the format of the ODI (one day international) with the main exception of the number of overs. As the name suggests, instead of the regular 50 overs, Twenty20 has a total of 20 overs. Each team will play a single inning of both batting and bowling. The score set by the first batting team will have to be chased by the opposing team. These are the basic cricket rules. Now let’s take a look at the more in-depth Twenty20 exclusive rulebook.

Bowling overs limits

Managing bowlers is one of the responsibilities which falls on the captain’s shoulders. The decision of which bowler to take the next over is rather a critical one to make in an ODI match. Hence, it is even more so fundamental when it comes to Twenty20. This is due to the limit of the overs each bowler can bowl. In Twenty20 cricket, each bowler gets a total of 4 overs in comparison to the 10 overs per player in the ODI. In order to give a fair chance to the batsmen so, half the team doesn’t face the opposing team’s best bowler. This 4-over rule offers a complication as to which bowler to send which over, which the captain must decide.

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Free hit

During a bowling turn, if the bowler oversteps the bowling line, the batsman gains a free hit. This ball identifies as a no-ball. During the delivery of a no-ball, if the batsman is bowled or caught out, it does not count. The wicket only counts if the batsman is run-out. The free hit is essentially a chance for the batsman to score without any fear of being out, with the exception mentioned above. This is usually the time when most batsmen go for a 6 hit. Also, along with the free hit, the no-ball is given a bonus of 2 runs.

Time limit per innings

As the theme of the game goes, the umpires like to keep the game moving as fast as possible. The 90-minute limit is another rule which aids in keeping the game on track. Each team is given the opportunity to finish their bowling in 90 minutes. If either team fails to start the last over by the 90-minute mark on the clock, then 6 runs are added to the opposing batting team. Therefore, each team keeps on moving the game forward without wasting precious time. However, the teams do get an official 10-minute break in between.

 T20 World Cup Winners
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Field restrictions

As online sportsbook news sites in the UK suggest, there is a certain manner in which fielders are allowed to be placed on the field. T20 differs from other formats. In the first 6 overs, only two of the fielders take position outside the circle on the ground. For the next 7-20 overs, the total fielders allowed outside increases to 5. In cricket, these field restrictions often take the name of ‘powerplay’. This is an aid to help teams make a higher score, which makes the game more interesting.

Super over

In case of a tie in T20, the game proceeds to a Super over. Bowl-outs are a thing of the past where each bowler was given a shot at hitting the wicket. Now, each team takes a turn at playing a single over and score as many runs as possible. Similar to the main game, the aim is to chase the score set by the first team. In the high unlikelihood that the super over results in a tie; the tie is then sorted out by determining which team made more boundaries. A classic example of this is the 2019 Cricket World cup Final where England took home the trophy after ending up in a Super over tie with New Zealand.

The 90-second rule

This is another time rule in the Twenty20 international cricket. The rule starts the moment a wicket falls and the next batsman in line should be on the crease in 90 seconds. Seems a bit strict, but not if you know how much time goes to waste in all these readying up shenanigans. This makes the players alert and ready to depart for the pitch as soon as their team members go down.

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5 run penalty

Since the inception of T20 was based on a time-saving proposition, it is rightfully so that most rules cater to time itself. Another penalty ready to be given to a team is the 5 run penalty which goes to the team deliberately wasting time. Although this may soon become controversial due to everyone’s perception of time itself. Nevertheless, this decision lies in the hands of the umpire who may be the judge of which team has slackers.

2007 ICC T20 Cricket World Cup Winners: INDIA

In the inaugural version, according to sportsbook sites in the UK, the ICC T20 world cup hosted twelve teams. South Africa was the host of the 2007 T20 world cup which was the first of its sort. Main adversaries India and Pakistan met in the final at Johannesburg on 24th September 2007 where India turned into the ICC t20 world cup victor of the inaugural version by beating Pakistan by just 5 runs. 

It was an altogether extraordinary match where baton moves from one team to another. India scored a fair 157 runs because of Gautam Gambhir who scored 75 of 54 and the late heroics of Rohit Sharma who scored 30 of 16. Umar Gul was the best among the Pakistani Bowlers who took 3 wickets and parted with 28 runs. Pakistan began well thanks to Imran Nazir who scored 33 from 14 yet before long lost the plot, Irfan Pathan turned into the hero for India. 

Misbah Ul Haq stood tall yet neglected to take the game away from their rivals and fell short for five runs. Irfan Pathan was the man of the match for his magnificent heroics with the ball, whose figure was 4-0-16-3. Shahid Afridi turned into the man of the series taking over Mathew Hayden who scored the most runs with a tally standing at 265 runs. Afridi had 12 wickets and 91 runs with 45 balls he faced.

2009 ICC T20 Cricket World Cup Winners: PAKISTAN

In the second hosting of the ICC t20 world cup, Pakistan won this competition. It took place in 2009 in England where Sri Lanka and Pakistan met in the final on 21st June by beating West Indies and South Africa respectively. It was to a great extent a low-scoring match in London where Srilanka had the option to score 138 for 6 just courtesy of Kumar Sangakara and Mathews. Abdul Razzaq took 3 wickets. 

In subsequent innings Pakistan began effortlessly, Kamran Akmal kept the scoreboard ticking and Afridi Finished the game with a rankling inning of 54 from 40. Pakistan finished the competition with an easy 8 wickets triumph over Sri Lanka. Shahid Afridi proclaimed man of the match for his heroic display both with bat and bowl. There was some relief for Sri Lanka just as Tillakaratne Dilshan took the Man of the tournament trophy being the most noteworthy run-scorer with 317 runs. Umar Gul was the highest wicket-taker with 13 wickets.

2010 ICC T20 Cricket World Cup Winners: ENGLAND

2010 set the third T20 World Cup tournament where two non-Asian nations battled each other in a World T20 competition without precedent for the place that is known for Calypso-The Caribbean’s. Bridge Town hosted the final. Australia being the top pick of the competition will confront an improbable adversary in England. Australia started poorly and found themselves in despair being 3 down for 8. 

Yet, courtesy of David Hussey and Cameron White they managed to reach 147 for 6 in their 20 overs. Britain figured out how to get the triumph effectively on account of Craig Kieswetter and Kevin Pietersen. Kieswetter became the man of the match and Peterson got the man of the tournament. Mahela Jayewardene was the highest run-scorer while Dirk Nannes was the bowler with the most number of wickets in the 2010 ICC World Cup.

 T20 World Cup Winners
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2012 ICC T20 Cricket World Cup Winners: WEST INDIES

Online sportsbook new sites in the UK report that Sri Lanka was resolved to secure the title this time on their home soil as they are up with West Indies in the last for the 2012 release. Sri Lankan helped with the presence of their puzzle spinner Ajantha Mendis. West Indies began the innings in a slow pitch and wound up with a hard-fought total of 136 courtesy to the valuable 78 of Samuels. skipper Darren Sammy scored a convenient 26 in the slog which proved crucial for his group. 

Even though Dilshan’s dismissal was early; Sanga and Mahela constructed a decent partnership. However, Narine made sure that Sri Lanka doesn’t find runs in the middle of the innings. Sammy contributed with 2 wickets and West Indies got their first T20 title with a triumph for 36 runs over Sri Lanka. Shane Watson became the man of the tournament for his 249 runs and 11 wickets. Furthermore, Marlon Samuels got the man of the match title. Sri Lanka’s Ajantha Mendis took home the highest wicket-taking bowler.

2014 ICC T20 Cricket World Cup Winners: SRI LANKA

India began as the top contenders for the 2014 ICC T20 World Cup. This 2014 world cup took place in Bangladesh, with all decent triumphs they were ascending high before the Final. Their confrontation was with the old adversaries’ Sri Lanka in the Final that took place in Sher E Bangla Stadium, Mirpur. Also, surprisingly apart from Virat Kohli, every other player in the Indian team gave a poor performance. India had just 130 for 4 in their 20 overs. While Sri Lanka pursued it down effortlessly losing just 4 wickets. 

 T20 World Cup Winners
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Lankans, at last, got their title after previously failing twice. Sangakkara became the man of the match. Meanwhile Virat got the man of the tournament as well as was the highest run-scorer. Imran Tahir took the golden ball trophy for the highest wicket-taker in the competition.

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2016 ICC T20 Cricket World Cup Winners: WEST INDIES

The 2016 ICC World Cup took place in India. Even though India lost to West Indies in semis, Kolkata swarm accumulated in the renowned Eden Gardens to cheer their Second most loved team West Indies. Britain started off the innings and courtesy of Joe Root and Eoin Morgan they finished off with 155 for 9. In the subsequent innings, West Indies nearly lost their plot yet Samuels remained steadfast and patched an exceptional 85. 

And afterward comes the powerful Carlos Brathwaite who completes off with 4 mighty sixes while requiring 19 from last over and West Indies turned into the first-ever team to lift the cup twice. India took away a consolation when Virat Kohli was the man of the tournament. Meanwhile, Tamim Iqbal took home the highest run-scorer award. Mohammad Nabi got 12 wickets including the Qualifier which got him the highest wicket-taker against his name.

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