Florida Destination Casinos to be Discussed Next Month


Posted: December 12, 2013

Updated: December 12, 2013

The future of the gambling industry in Florida will be up for discussion next month, as lawmakers consider changing American gambling laws

Lawmakers are planning to take another look at American gambling laws in the state of Florida and considering giving the betting industry a well-deserved boost. Plans to expand the gambling business in the Sunshine State might could include Las Vegas-style resorts or the so-called “destination casinos”, much to the delight of business owners who have spent huge amounts of cash to promote the idea.

Florida’s Senate Gaming Committee members are meeting on January 13th in Tallahassee and the main topic on the day’s agenda will be a reform of the existing gaming regulations. The state could surely benefit from this ever-growing business, not to mention that new casinos mean a number of hotels and restaurants would have to be built as well.

However, certain groups are saying that casinos would damage Florida’s family-friendly image. Disney is obviously against the idea of transforming the Sunshine State into a tourist attraction for gamblers, though some argue that they both target different types of customers and could easily coexist.

At the moment, passionate gamblers visiting Florida can choose from a few racinos and tribal casinos, but developers have bigger plans, as top gambling companies have already set their eyes on the Sunshine State.

The gambling industry has been flourishing along the East coast, with the first legal online casinos in America being launched this November, in Delaware. Their example was followed by New Jersey, where 32,000 users signed up for online gambling accounts during the first week.

There’s even more growth potential with the launch of mobile casinos next year. It is expected that the number of online gamblers in New Jersey will see yet another impressive increase and this is why other states – such as California, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Texas – are preparing to legalize online gambling in the near future.

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