The “Fight of the Century” Could Reach a New Total of USD 700 Million

Floyd Mayweather jr sitting on golden throne

Pay-per-view, overseas and merchandise earnings still not completely tallied

The “Fight of the Century” between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao may reach earnings total of $700 million. The bout at the MGM Grand Garden was already set to break all purse records even prior to the May 2nd event. At that time, most publications stated the unprecedented bout would earn USD 300 million. After Mayweather’s unanimous win, pay-per view totals indicated could possibly USD 500 million.

Mayweather expressed his views during a radio interview with DJ Whoo Kid. “All of the full stats have not come in yet. As of right now we are somewhere over 4 and half million. I think when it’s all said and done we should be at USD 5.2 million. And then also with the overseas and everything, and merchandise, I think we have a possibility of reaching USD 700 million.” This new total would make US gambling news.

Mayweather gives little or no indication of a rematch with Pacquiao

Despite previous suggestions of a possible rematch, Mayweather said in his interview that a rematch won’t happen. “I done what I had to do, so you know, Pacquiao, I wish you nothing but the best. Keep up the good work.” Mayweather only went on to reply to Pacquiao’s comments, concerning his shoulder and his criticism of Mayweather’s lack of offensive play, by calling Pacquiao a “sore loser” and his comments “excuses.”

Manny Pacquiao supposedly has a slightly different take on the outcome. In Philippine gambling news, Pacquiao recently reported mentioned his opinion about a rematch. “Frankly I don’t know if we’d ever fight again.” Pacquiao once again repeated his comments on Mayweather’s lackluster performance. “Let’s not fan the fire that he’s saying I’m a coward. The one who ran is the coward.”

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