FlyToMoon Strong Enough to Become Dota 2 Epicenter 2018 Winner

FlyToMoon Strong Enough to Become Dota 2 Epicenter 2018 Winner

Let’s imagine for a moment that the winner of Dota 2 Epicenter 2018 will not be the likes of Team Liquid or Virtus Pro. If you strip away these first instincts, you may realize that there is a lot of potential in the other teams. Although FlyToMoon are new to Dota 2 international platform, they are certainly not noobs. So what do the Dota 2 Epicenter 2018 odds have to say?

  • Date: April 27 to May 6, 2018
  • Venue: VTB Ice Hall, Moscow, Russia
  • Prize pool: 1 million USD
  • Number of teams: 12

First of all, the stakes of this third Epicenter installment are quite high. Not only will the winner get the prize money, the team will also be able to collect points which count towards the International 2018. It could mean the difference between having to compete in the International 2018 qualification round or automatic entrance. Likewise, 7 qualifiers were required for the participation of Dota 2 Epicenter 2018 according to Russia gambling news. Those qualifiers include one team from each region of Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, China and Russia. Our newcomer, FlyToMoon, came from the Madness Qualifier.


Silent, FlyToMoon Player (source:

FlyToMoon (74.100) is mixed team of Russian and Ukrainian nationalities. The rising stars debuted in February and have already become the 24th best ranking Dota 2 team within a short period of time! We believe in their substantial growth and that they could become Dota 2 Epicenter 2018 winner.

Who Are They Up Against?

Five teams were automatically invited without having to go through qualification round. Of course, it goes without saying that Team Liquid and Virtus Pro are included. You guessed right! The bookies’ favorite to win Dota 2 Epicenter 2018 is Virtus Pro (3.680) followed by Team Liquid (4.060), based on online sports betting sites in Russia.

However, the number one Virtus Pro seems to have trouble with Epicenter tournaments. They never made it to top three! Team Liquid is another story. FlyToMoon will have to defeat this 2-time Epicenter winner with flawless team work. It’s a tough challenge indeed.

The other team for FlyToMoon to look out is Newbee, the top Dota 2 team of China. Gambling sites in Russia estimate 9.960 as the winning odds for Newbee. After all, they were runner-up in the first Epicenter tournament.

Bet on Dota 2 Epicenter 2018 Winner!

Besides having fun in a Russian online casino, why not bet on FlyToMoon (74.100) too? Granted, they are a long shot bet. However, becoming Dota 2 Epicenter 2018 winner is far from impossible considering what FlyToMoon have achieved so far. You could also go for the classis options: Team Liquid (4.060) and Virtus Pro (3.680). In any case, don’t forget to bet on Dota 2 Epicenter 2018 at Pinnacle Sportsbook before the 27th of April!

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