Football Betting Preview – Friendly Matches (March 30 – Part II)

International Friendly Matches March 30

Punters will be looking to maximize their earning potential with all the superb international friendly games.

We continue our betting preview with the rest of the encounters being played today, so that our readers have a chance to boost their playing accounts. The games on the agenda are set to feature some great football plays which should thrill all the fans. But punters don’t have anything to fear as there are more games coming our way in the following days as well.

Bahrain will square off against Philippines
Saudi Arabia favorites against Jordan
Colombia will visit Kuwait tonight

Bahrain will square off against Philippines today at 17:30 CET, however according to providers of online betting in Philippines do not favor their country to win the clash. Saudi Arabia will play Jordan at home while Kuwait and Colombia will also square off. And finally, Australia will visit Macedonia where they will aim to seal a comfortable win.

Bahrain vs Philippines and Saudi Arabia vs Jordan

will go head to head with Philippines, and looking at their individual experiences and skills the former side does not have a realistic chance of making a real impact. The hosts sit in 104th place on the FIFA World Rankings after collecting only 319 points. Nevertheless, Bet365 has assigned them highly favorable odds 1.29 (2/7) as they will be the hosts and are familiar with their own ground.

Bahrain vs Philippines

The Philippines on the other hand are not viewed as serious candidates to win the encounter. They find themselves even lower on the FIFA World Rankings than their upcoming opponents, occupying 128th spot with 221 points to their name. To win the encounter a miracle would have to happen, as they have been dealt outsider odds 11.00 (10/1). A tie for the match stands at a high 5.00 (4/1), an event that is also unlikely.

Saudi Arabia
will face Jordan at home where they will be looking to instill their own playing philosophy in order to capture a win. Both national sides are relatively inexperienced and they are not much different when it comes to their personal records in recent times. The hosts occupy 99th place on the rankings with a total of 339 points while their upcoming opponents Jordan have managed to accumulate 326 points and sit 2 positions lower, in 101st place.

Saudi Arabia vs Jordan

Mobile betting sites believe that Saudi Arabia have more chance to win as they will be playing on home turf 2.00 (1/1). Judging by their recent performances, this event seems to be very likely, while a draw between them stands at a high 3.20 (11/5). A win for Jordan is rather unlikely 4.00 (3/1) as well considering they will be the visiting sides trying to adapt to the new atmosphere.

Kuwait vs Colombia and Macedonia and Australia

currently stand in 125th place in the rankings after collecting 231 points so far. They have not been successful in making a name for themselves in the world of football and considering that they are about to go up against Colombia does not spell anything good for them. Perhaps the best result that they can hope for is a draw as their chances to win are very slim 15.00 (14/1).

Kuwait vs Colombia

The South American side were pretty impressive in last year’s World Cup where a number of their players shined, including James Rodriguez who won the Golden Boot at the end of the tournament for finding the back of the net 6 times. That is just part of the reason why their odds are very pretty reassuring 1.14 (1/7). A tie 8.00 (7/1) does not seem to be on the cards for this match.

will play against Australia at home, so they might have more chances to capture a win as they will receive great support from local fans. The Europeans are currently in 108th spot with 308 points, so online sportsbooks in EU weren’t too keen assigning them preferential chances 4.33 (10/3), although a draw 3.25 (9/4) may be possible for them if they manage to find a solution.

Macedonia vs Australia

qualified to the World Cup in Brazil last year, however they were quite disappointing with their performances. They finished last in their group with 0 points to their name, however some might say they were unlucky as they faced Spain, Chile and Netherlands, which are all top-notch sides. Now against Macedonia they have been dealt solid odds 1.91 (10/11), and judging by the squad at their disposal they should be able to win the clash.

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