Footballers Most Likely to Receive Bookings in World Cup 2014

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Bookings should be a caution or a warning to players that they’re too aggressive, however some seem to have a card collecting hobby.

Throughout history, all sorts of footballers have relished in the game with their special styles and skills. However, many times, ordinary mortals forget that they are still humans after all. Some possess personalities that make them into the starts they become. While other footballers maintain characteristic traits sets them apart from the herd.

It is often believed that an individual with a great talent bears some form of a disability, regardless what that is.

For some football players, the handicap seems to manifest itself in the form of amassing a great deal of cards.

No matter who they are coached by, or what club or national side they play for, some players seem incapable of adopting a playing style that would render them booking-free. Look for these fiery footballers to run into trouble at World Cup Brazil 2014.

Mario Balotelli

As expected, the list includes the infamous AC Milan player. Balotelli is known to have a great footballing talent, however he also isn’t shy of controversy surrounding many of his antics. One of those activities includes having a penchant for collecting cards for the most ridiculous reasons.

Balotelli – bettors should place bets on him getting booked

Ramos – received most red cards in Real’s history

Rooney – hopefully his temper won’t get to him

Neymar – more mature than before, but still a booking factor

His former manager at F.C. Internazionale (2008-2010), Jose Mourinho, explained just how comic the situations with Balotelli were during his time in charge. Mourinho stated how once during an away game to Rubin Kazan, Balotelli received his first booking before the half-time whistle.

For the majority of 15 minute break, Mourinho talked to Balotelli to be extremely cautious and humble with his actions, and explained to him the predicament that Inter were in at the time. After the first minute of the second half, Balotelli received a second yellow.

Comedy indeed.

Considering his tendencies, mobile betting companies are sure to be offering odds on Balotelli getting booked or making a certain number of tackles at the upcoming World Cup.

Sergio Ramos

Ramos has become one of the most center backs for opposing attackers. He truly combines work ethic and talent, which can be seen successfully translated on the football pitch.

The problem with him is that he is also rather good at making fouls regularly, for which he was recently rewarded with the title of having received the most bookings in Real Madrid’s history.

Up until now, he has been sent off a total of 19 times, which makes it an all-time record for red cards at his club. Additionally, there are countless other games in which he received yellow cards.

Nevertheless, he will remain one of the most revered footballers at World Cup 2014. But just in case Spain doesn’t win the World Cup this year, at least he’ll be able to console himself with the unofficial title for most cards received.

Wayne Rooney

Since emerging on the great stage ten years ago, Wayne Rooney has been viewed as England’s great big hope that will lead them to glory. Therefore it is no wonder that online sportsbooks in UK feature Rooney as the main man to bet on scoring. A skilled footballer with a sublime touch, however he suffers a dark side.

He is often known to lose his temper, even without receiving much provocation from anyone. When it comes accumulating cards, he has fair share for booking offences. During England’s game against Portugal at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, he received a red card for stomping on Ricardo Carvalho, as he attempted to regain possession.

Furthermore, throughout the years, he became quite proficient in the card hunting game. Every now and again he can be seen losing his temper and making ill-considered tackles on other player or arguing with the referee.

Neymar Junior

The player that will be carrying the Brazil national side is the one to watch out for. Although recently his diving and reckless behavior have subsided a degree, he was one of the most booked players during in time at Santos, before he made last summer’s switch to FC Barcelona.

He would often be seen making rash tackles on players, which easily see him getting a card. Additionally, due to his rather small stature, he did not have the strength to fight of opposing players. He would often be inclined to fall down and dive without reason at times, which, if spotted by the referee, is a bookable offence.

Hopefully at the tournament he will showcase the world his true skill with the ball, rather than employ the cunning diving tactics.

Taking into account that there will be 32 nations in Brazil competing for glory, tempers are sure to fly off. National pride will be at stake, so naturally players will fight with everything they’re got, which will undoubtedly lead to bookings.

A fan planning to visit Brazil and support his nation at the tournament, could take a note of the aforementioned players.

It could be a good idea to place certain bets on players receiving cards at some stage of the tournament, which is might prove to be quite lucrative and end up paying for the trip itself.

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