The Wild World of Brazil World Cup 2014

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During the Brazil World Cup 2014 much of the drama will unfold off of the pitch. Our writing team has worked feverishly to prime you on what to expect this time around.

When it comes to the FIFA World Cup, winning isn’t everything. Its the only thing. This year the 32 best national teams from across the globe will be flying to Brazil to compete for ultimate prize, the coveted FIFA World Cup Trophy. Anything less than the title is considered a failure.

While the players, managers and fans are zeroed in on their team’s quest for the title, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to the World Cup. In fact, some of the most intriguing and unforgettable stories are bound to happen outside of the scoreboard. When you have that many eccentric personalities together in one place, chaos is bound to ensue.

And there is no better locale to watch the drama unfold than sunny, sultry Brazil, an exotic Latin nation which loves music, dancing and supermodels almost as much as it loves football. Its too bad that Brazilian gambling laws prohibit making prop bets, because there will be no shortage of drama this World Cup.


While one can drown in all of the in-depth analysis from football writers and online sportsbooks in the UK and Europe, its important to take a step back and enjoy some of the off-beat storylines surrounding the World Cup.

From the ups to the downs, from the WAGS to the wacky players to sports betting addiction, this series has it covered. We hope that you enjoy reading these pieces as much as we enjoyed writing them.

4 Footballers Most Likely to Receive Bookings in World Cup 2014

The World Cup is the height of competition in the world’s most popular game. If that isn’t enough to ignite the competitive fire in each and every player, nothing is. For some players that passion can occasionally burn too hot, leading to bookings.

This fearsome foursome of world cup 2014 footballers is likely to make a splash this time around. Unluckily for them, it will involve the kind of behavior that lands them in the official’s bad graces.

7 Hot-Blooded Football Stars Famous for Big Bust-Ups

If you though the previous piece featured footballers behaving badly, just look at what we’ve got in store for you. Several members of this “spastic seven” will be playing this year in Brazil, while some of them have moved on to other things after famous on-field meltdowns.

7 Wags to Watch For in World Cup 2014

The old adage goes: “behind every great man is a great woman.” In the football world, often the women capture more of the public spotlight than the players themselves. Given that, what kind of World Cup series is complete without a discussion of the infamous WAGs?

Join us for an in-depth look at the ladies who are certain to make a big impression this year. These are the WAGs of the Brazil World Cup.

God-given Talent or Acquired Skill? How Footballers Achieve Success

To make it in pro sports, one has to have a large amount of natural talent. But not all players are created equal. 

In addition, some are more dedicated to the game than others, putting in extra work while their more talented colleagues are busy enjoying the celebrity lifestyle.

• While the goal of any footballer is to take home the World Cup Trophy, often the most mouthwatering news stories cover what happens off the field, not on it

• This series serves as a primer for what to look for this World Cup, including WAGS, hot-blooded footballers, and FIFA corruption

• For the average football fanatic lacking the bankroll to fly to Brazil for the games, we’ve put together a guide for enjoying the games in style

Football fans worship two types of players: the Greek god, the footballer whose natural ability stands out amongst the crowd; and the junkyard dog, the blood-and-iron back alley brawler who made it to the game’s highest level through hard work, no superior talent.

This piece takes an analytical luck at both classes of footballers in World Cup 2014, as well as some who are in-between.

World Cup Stars Famous for Off-Field Antics

Most of us watch the World Cup for great football on the world’s biggest stage. But there is a gossip-guzzling media fiend inside everyone. Some footballers are much more interesting for what they do off the field than what they do on it.

This piece will introduce you to some of the juiciest and most ridiculous antics from the most enigmatic footballers in the World Cup 2014.

World Cup 2014: Is FIFA too Corrupt to Fix?

Sports are always surrounded by money, especially in a league as big as FIFA. While its a necessary part of the game, sometimes money overtakes football as the motivating factor of players, managers and officials.

In a worst case scenario, the integrity of FIFA is compromised by corruption. In recent years journalists have uncovered bribe taking on the part of officials, putting this years World Cup under extra scrutiny. Here’s hoping that the games remain untarnished by FIFA corruption.

How Those Unable to Go to Brazil Can Still Enjoy the World Cup 2014

Tragically, most of the hundreds of millions of fans worldwide cannot afford the
EUR 5-6,000 necessary to travel to Brazil and watch the matches in person. They will be trapped spectating at home or in sweaty, beer drenched pubs across Europe, Latin America, Asia and North America.

But be consoled, there is hope yet for the average Joes of the world. Our team came up with a list of recommendations for how the everyday football junkie can still enjoy the Brazil World Cup 2014 in (relative) style.

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