7 WAGs to Watch For in World Cup 2014


Posted: June 3, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

There will be many matches to follow in the World Cup in 2014, however football is not the only interesting thing Brazil will have to offer.

Football has many charms. The game is popular worldwide and adorned by millions who are anxiously anticipating the World Cup in Brazil.

Irina Shayk – one of the most popular

Gabriella Lenzi – local beauty representing Brazil

Shakira – WAG that will receive praise and admiration from fans

But the games will not be the only cause for tuning in to watch the Cup. Wives and girlfriends of popular footballers will also bear a great deal of focus from fans.

Many of the WAGs are models, singers, socialites and celebrities for whatever reason, and the media portrays them as goddesses at times.

WAGs have always craved for the attention that comes from dating or being married to football players. Naturally, the players are often attracted to them for their incredible appeal that they maintain. Each of these women will steal some of the limelight at World Cup Brazil 2014.

 Irina Shayk 

Irina Shayk

Many wives and girlfriends are only known through their superstar football companions, however Irina has managed to make a name for herself through her fashion and modelling exploits.

Considering the amount of women Ronaldo has been with for brief spells, it seems as if Irina is a keeper for him. They have been together since 2010 and have looked steady ever since. Perhaps pleas from the Real president, Florentino Perez, to settle down, propelled Ronaldo to consider his partner wisely.

He sure did that, as Irina will perhaps command the majority of the attention from the press and fans alike, of all the football WAGs in Brazil.

 Daniella Semaan 

Daniella Semaan

Cesc Fabregas is one lucky man. He managed to sway Daniella Semaan his way, after she divorced Lebanese property developer Elie Taktouk. Some have branded her a certified gold-digger, however considering that Fabregas and Semaan share a young daughter and constantly snapped exchanging kisses, one can conclude there must be something more than money at play.

Recently, she has been visiting Fabregas’ matches more frequently, as she tries to support her man with their young girl.



Gerrard Pique, a pro footballer and growing player in Spanish poker rooms, is lucky to call international pop-star sensation Shakira his girlfriend. Not only is she 10 years his senior, but she also know how to sway much of the attention to herself.

However, she does not fall under the stereotypical WAG. She maintains a rather reserved private life outside of her show business lifestyle, and does not indulge in any form of unconventional scandals that celebrities are so often known for.

Additionally, she does not depend on her partner’s fame, as she has been a successful singer for over ten years now with a plethora of hits to her name.

Sara Carbonero 

Sara Carbonero

The TV reporter with the killer eyes. Some would argue the reason why so many Spaniards keep their eyes glued to the TV even after the final whistle was blown, is only to have a chance to have a glimpse at her.

In 2010, she was criticized by many for distracting her boyfriend Casillas from performing his goalkeeping duties. Fortunately, Spain managed to clinch their first World Cup title in the final against The Netherlands, in which Casillas relished.

Following the match, Carbonero attempted to interview her boyfriend, however he did not seem so interested in that, as he quickly wrapped his arm around her and proceeded to kiss her with great vigor. Hopefully, in Brazil she won’t distract him as much.

Yolanthe Sneijder 

Yolanthe Sneijder

Following Wesley Sneijder’s failed first marriage, he quickly grabbed himself a girl that knows how to pose for the camera. She is not merely a showgirl, but rather an artist that has the capacity to explain her emotions through acting.

Yolanthe has attracted considerable attention from the press, as she maintains a professional acting job, but also makes regular appearance as a TV host for various programs.

Currently, she divides her time between Istanbul, Spain and the Netherlands. She tries to make all her commitments active, even though being married to footballer and moving around the entire time is stressful enough.

Bruna Marquezine 

Bruna Marquezine

What would the World Cup mean without a proper representative hottie from the host nation. Although only 22, Neymar has been linked with a great number of women since his rise to superstardom.

As of lately, reports have circulated about his recent love affair with Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine, who has started to feature on a number of popular television show in Brazil.

Once the World Cup commences, mobile betting firms will be laying their vote for Brazil to win, and Bruna is sure to be by the sidelines cheering her man on. The only problem for the viewers will be whether to watch the football matches, or have their eyes on the captivating young actress.

Fanny Neguesha  Fanny Neguesha

One never known with Balotelli. One game he plays with great play, while another it takes him 5 minutes to receive a red card. The same applies to his relationships.

One day he is linked with a woman who gave birth to his daughter Pia, and the next he is dating someone else. Although reports have indicated there were some troubles between the couple, at the moment it seems Fanny and Mario are still together.

She plies her trade as a model that captivates numerous men. Her work should appeal to Balotelli’s, considering his past. However it is merely a matter of time before we hear of changes.

Fans will often ask themselves how to have a girlfriend of such a stature and incredible appeal. Well, that time is long gone, as you should have been a pro football player to be able to claim a relationship with any of these women.

Nevertheless, there is always the chance to be a spectator and admirer of such pretty creatures on the sidelines.

Additionally, if a certain country gets knocked out of the competition, the fans will be able to direct their attention to “beautiful” side of the game. At least, that may bring them some solace, for their trips to Brazil will not have been fully in vain.

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