4 World Cup Stars Famous for Off-Field Antics

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Big name players that maintain exquisite footballing talents, but that also harbor the necessary vigor for off-field antics.

Somehow footballers are not able to stay out of the limelight for all the wrong reasons. It appears that their footballing talents do not extend to their behavior when they are not playing.

Often times, some of them are caught displaying a rather arrogant and repulsive attitude, believing that they are entitled to more than others, simply due to their status. However, considering that lack of formal educational, some of them know no better.

The cult status that they often enjoy from the media and fans alike, and the enormously high paychecks that they receive, transforms some football players into abrasive individuals, as they seem to lose touch with reality. These are four of the most over-the-top personalities at the World Cup Brazil 2014.

Mario Balotelli

Being in the middle of the media’s attention seems to be one of Balotelli’s hobbies. When he’s not playing the ball, he’s playing with everything else, and some things are rather dangerous to play with.

Wayne Rooney – popular with escorts

Mario Balotelli – constant rascal

Ashley Cole – likes to shoot with rifles

Jack Wilshere – rich child with vast arrogance

When he played for Manchester City, the fire department was called in to put a fire in his house. Apparently, he managed to accidentally set off fireworks inside the house, which caused extensive damages to the house, costing up to several thousand pounds to repair.

Additionally, at another instance he was disciplined by the club for throwing a dart at a fellow youth player. While in 2010, one of the obscure and funny cases involving Balotelli, was when he and his buddy decided to go visit a female prison, just to inspect it for the fun of it.

However, regardless of his off-field antics, once the World Cup comes around, he is expected to be the main attacking threat for the Italian national side. Many anticipate Italy to achieve greater things in this year’s competition, than they did at the last one, which has lead many mobile betting firms to offer preferential odds on their national team.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney the main man for the England national team. A powerful striker with a keen eye for goal, but when it comes to his behavior off the pitch, Rooney is not always the perfect role model. His tumultuous behavior garners him a great deal media scrutiny, as many wait in line for his next showpiece.

Throughout the years, he was caught having extra-marital affairs with women of questionable virtue. Early in his footballing career, some reports circulated about his escort preferences. In late 2010, he was involved with Jennifer Thompson, who reportedly charged him GBP 1,000 per night, while his wife Coleen was pregnant with their child.

Despite his bad attitude off-field, many overlook them due to his ability on the ball. Along with the likes of Ronaldo and Messi, he still ranks as one of the top footballers at World Cup 2014.

Ashley Cole

Although he won’t be present at the World Cup, as the English manager Roy Hodgson has decided not to call him up for international duty in Brazil, he is nevertheless an amusing character to mention.

For many years, he was regarded by many as a top player in the left-back position. Additionally, he is also known to possess a rather mischievous attitude, considering the amount of times he was the main focus of controversy.

In February 2011, he brought an air rifle to Chelsea’s training ground, so he could show his fellow buddies what a nice piece he had on his possession.

However, things went awry, as he was swinging the rifle and foolishly brandishing it in front of people, he managed to accidentally shot a work experience student that worked on the training ground. He shot him with a .22 caliber rifle from a mere distance of five feet away. Although he enjoys playing football on a high level, he seems rather bored at times.

Jack Wilshere

In 2011, the England midfielder was embroiled in heated controversy regarding a fight in a night club he was attending. He was accused of causing a fight between several people in the club.

According to a jury hearing, Wilshere was attempting to sway the sympathies of a another man’s girlfriend which caused the debacle. Supposedly he said to the girl in question, “Come with us, we’re got more money,” in front of her boyfriend, followed by making a rather sexual nasty remark about her that lead to the fight.

Nevertheless, reports indicate that he backed away from the furor, and let his friends fight the battle with the opposing individuals. The girl, known as Kimberly Plested, was celebrating her 21st birthday at the time the incident occurred. The fight resulted in her falling down and breaking her elbow.

CCTV footage show Wilshere taking a hold of one of Plasted’s male friends and shaking him, which eventually escalated into a fight.

Hopefully, since then he has matured, as the England national team is vying for his skills on the football pitch. Online sportsbooks in UK are already offering various bets relating to Wilshere’s ability to pass and create chances on goal.

Although many times footballers are featured prominently in the media, the public should focus on their footballing contributions and put aside their negative portrayals on the TV and other mediums.

The process of maturing is part of the overall development of a football player. When they are younger, they are more prone to make rash and stupid mistakes, but as they grow older they become more aware of their surroundings and concrete more effort to their game.

Considering that a number of prominent footballers are reaching a certain age in the current football landscape, they are expected to show their best at the World Cup. The likes of Rooney and Balotelli might show a more complete side of their game, which will be great for the respective supporters traveling to Brazil.

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