7 Hot-blooded Football Stars Famous for Big Bust-Ups


Posted: June 3, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

Despite receiving the proper tutelage since the early years, certain football players are not able to keep out of trouble on the field.

While they do harbor a flair for the ball, some footballers are not that great when it comes to maintaining clean discipline records. Whether they are involved in bust ups with other player or bad mouthing someone, they just never seem ti learn the decency of the game.

It is natural for many players to simply exuberate their strong personalities through their actions. But the problem arises when their actions come in the way of them playing their football.

Even still, once they hang up their boots, some players might be more remembered for their non-footballing actions than for the way they graced the ball. While some from this list have already moved on to other pursuits, a few can be seen at World Cup Brazil 2014.

Mario Balotelli

Many of his antics have been well documented. When he’s not he regularly engaged in off-field problems, he is actively participating in the more raw fights with fellow players.

Balotelli – most notorious to watch out for at the World Cup

Rooney – always ready for potential provocation

Ibrahimovic – shame his tricks will not be present at the World Cup

During his time at Manchester City, he would often engages in brawls with teammates. Many photographs have emerged him fist fighting with Kompany, Richards, Boateng and also the manager at the time, Roberto Mancini.

At another time, during a match he was captured on camera arguing with Kolarov several times when a free-kick was up for grabs. When it wasn’t his way, he protested with much vigor.

At the World Cup in Brazil, some mobile betting firms might even be taking bets on seeing Balotelli partake in actions more relating to boxing than football.

Luis Suarez

When Suarez gets a little frustrated for not scoring goals, he performs rather unpleasant things to his opponents. During a home match against Chelsea in the 2012-2013 season, when he was about to challenge for the ball against Chelsea’s defender Branislav Ivanovic, he bit his arms to prevent him getting it.

Maybe he didn’t have a proper meal beforehand, which propelled him to perform such an action. Let’s just hope, he’ll be well fed when the World Cup comes around.

Additionally, the season 2011-2012, in a game against Manchester United, he relayed a nasty racist slur towards United’s defender Patrice Evra, for which he was suspended for 8 games and fined GBP 40,000.

Eric Cantona

Obviously a great talent in his prime in the 1990s. Cantona is remembered for his great flair and determination to win. But when provoked, he would not hesitate to showcase his dark side.

During an away game to Crystal Palace, Cantona was sent off for a challenge the opposing defender, followed by being on the receiving end of stark criticism from a certain fan.

After a while, Cantona could not take it anymore, so he decided to take matters into his own feet. He rushed towards the fan and performed a “kung fu” kick at the fan, for which he initially received a prison sentence for assault, later overturned to community service.

Roy Keane

Not a talented player, but rather a skilled one that acquired his skill through tempersome attitude. He acknowledged in his book that he intentionally launched a vicious tackle at Manchester City’s Norwegian defender Alf-Inge Haaland, in order to get back at him.

The horror tackle served a crushing blow to the player, as Haaland was no longer able to effectively resume his career.

Keane was also known for having numerous bust ups with many other players he across, most notably with Arsenal’s Patrick Vieira. The confrontations between the pair were quite heated, as Keane tried to impose his domineering attitude during many matches, but Vieira would never relent.

Paolo Di Canio

Not remembered as one the best footballer during his playing days, he does however boast a great number of scuffs and bust–ups with fans, team mates and the press.

Di Canio identifies his political views as fascist. While he played for Lazio in 2006, he was once involved in heavy controversy for giving a fascist salute to the home fans. He was suspended for one match and fined EUR 7,000 for the offence.

When quizzed about the gesture, he replied ”I saluted my people with what for me is a sign of belonging to a group that holds true values, values of civility against the standardization that this society imposes upon us.”

Wayne Rooney

The moment he is most infamous for is a match against Portugal at the 2006 Germany World Cup, although there are multiple other moments in which his true colors were on wide display. All it takes for a little provocation, and Rooney will be gunning for revenge.

Many other times, he will launch towards opponents with the most fearsome look that one can construe. When that happens, viewers know someone is going down, and it won’t be Rooney.

Certain online sportsbooks in UK are known to offer odds in favor of him receiving a booking, as he is quite adept at card collection.

After all, it is no wonder that he has stuck with Manchester United for so long, as his temper reflects his club’s main color.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

This man is truly an enigma. He easily tears through defenses, like a hot knife going through butter. His domineering stature and physical presence are enough to make the opposition tremble, however what truly sticks out is his imposing personality.

One could talk about his football problems for days, however the brush between him and Guardiola is the most memorable one.

While he played for Barcelona, he yelled at Guardiola and accused him of being afraid of Mourinho, after the match against his former side inter Milan. This led to the fall out and his leaving the club the following summer.

Love him or hate him, he is the man to that bring the best entertainment to football. Unfortunately, since Sweden failed to qualify for Brazil, he will not be present among other prominent footballers at the World Cup 2014.

The World Cup in Brazil is likely to be hailed as the greatest footballing event of the recent times. It will bring both joy and heartbreak, while some fans will be able to find much satisfaction from the special players that bring so much to the game

The most notorious group to watch out for at the World Cup is Group D. It features Costa Rica, England, Italy and Uruguay. Considering the amount of temper in that group, it is promising to be truly an eventful one. If not for the football, then for the possible comedy that might ensue from clash of personalities.

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